You Better Think

Now that we have completed middle school there are a few things I wish that you would have done differently. To be clear, that time in our life was very enjoyable, I just wish that you would have done some things differently. The thing that saved our middle school experience from being more bad than good was mom transferring you into St.John. One thing that I wish that you would have done differently is to seize more opportunities to make memories with your friends and not be in such a hu for it to be your turn to graduate. Everyone thought that you were so shy but now I realize that you were not shy, that group of kids were not your crowd. You cultivated better friendships with your classmates at St John and that is when you really started to enjoy schoolw. Another do over that you might have benefited from would have been to be less talkative in class; even though a lot of times when the teacher caught you talking it was because you were trying to help your neighbor with a part of the lesson they did not understand.

One memory that I want to talk to you about is the time youfought with a derrick. I understand that you’ll we’re fighting because you were tired of him bullying you and a few other classmates and I understand that you felt as though you were defending yourself but now we realize that you were only defending your lunch I wish that you realize that even though you are tired of a situation, fighting is never the solution. Of course now the young man that you have become knows that but At that moment when you snatched your lunch back from the derrick, you stopped exercising good judgment and self-control. Do not do that. Always remember that even when you are frustrated or angry that there is always a better option in place if violence. Take accountability for not doing what mom told you to do as it relates to leaving your lunch unattended. She told you not to do that but you did it anyway and derrick took it. I is not that the adults did not understand your reasoning, it is just that there was a better solution. Yes, you were tired of telling the teacher, but you have to always remember to think before you react. This lesson will be very valuable to you. Even now you regret reacting the way you did because you are being punished. The the person that you grew into learned that lesson that day.

All and all, you were a pretty good student but there is always room to be better. The person that we will be four years from now will have new advice for us. We can always learn from our past mistakes and make better decisions in the present and future. I am proud of the version of you I see in the future.

Sire Holloway – Marist High School – DMSF