You have to do this

Are you stuck wandering the dark alleys of Netflix’s endless row of tv shows because no shows seem to stick? Well, I have found the solution! I will be introducing you to a Netflix original titled “On My Block”. This show highlights the lives of a group of freshman teens: Cesar, Monse, Jamal, Ruby, and Jasmine. They live in a horrible neighborhood influenced by gangs, violence, and situations along those lines. Not only do these friends have to get through their day as freshmen, but they also have to deal with the challenges they face like peer pressure, drinking, and smoking. It is very difficult to not think about all the violence that’s going on around them. Cesar’s brother is actually the leader of the town’s most infamous gangs. So Cesar must learn how to avoid getting involved in their violent actions but it seems nearly impossible! On top of that, some of their fellow classmates contribute to the violence that occurs in their neighborhood. This leads to some pretty serious altercations with their peers as well. It will take a lot out to the group to not fall into the trap.

Not only is Cesar affected by the violence in his community, but also his friends and loved ones. The whole group has to deal with the constant crimes that occur daily. So they need an outlet to take their mind off of it. One day, Jamal gets in contact with Ruby’s grandma, strange I know, and ruby’s grandmother tells Jamal about a secret location where a large sum of money is hidden in the neighborhood. When he learns this, Jamal keeps it to himself until his friends start to notice that he has been acting strange. After he confesses what he is dealing with, it is now a group mission to locate the money so they can split it amongst one another. 

During this mission, they go through ups and downs with the trust they have in one another.  Selfishness and Jealousy seep through the group’s trust in one another.  It even gets to the point that one of the members decides that they want to hoard all the money for himself. This sparks lots of controversy in the group. But even through all of that, they still manage to maintain their friendship with one another. They must learn that they only have each other to trust and they are their own source of each other’s strength. I don’t want to spoil the show for you! I enjoy this show because it highlights very real situations that occur in some communities. It also shows you the importance of trust and sticking together even if it seems impossible. Some of these scenarios they find themselves in will bring them into some of the lowest points of their lives. But also their presence with one another will grant them some of the best memories they will have. I believe this show would be an amazing picture for you to watch because of its themes and subtle messages it gives! I hope you enjoy it!

Kayla Bell – De La Salle – DMSF