DO Superheroes exist?IF IT isn’t true, why do people believe it?

By: Leonte Curington-Harris

Holy Trinity High School

Some people believe in superheroes. Superheroes origin started with comic books in the 1930s and have evolved into movies and tv shows. Over time, changes with technology have superheroes appearing to have realistic features and many powers that people believe in.  When people think of superheroes, they think of characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, or Iron Man. Some people think that there are  humans with powers that exist. There are several videos and homemade movies showing humans doing all sorts of things.  People believe that there are real people who possess superhuman strength and superpowers.

This is not true because humans cannot take the force some superheroes do. Regular human bodies cannot withstand the impact of some of the forces superheroes take.  According to this article on says, “The physics in those movies is not consistent with the real world. The kind of durability and strength shown by superheroes is impossible. If Iron Man were to get hit as hard as he does, even with his armor on, the G forces would turn him into jelly.” 

People mostly believe in superheroes because of movies or edited videos. Editors use VFX to manipulate videos to appear as a person doing something that they’re really not doing. VFX (also known as visual effects) shows someone doing something impossible. There are different parts of VFX, one most commonly known as CGI. This is what editors use in films or shows to trick audiences into believing something is real. CGI is 3D so it looks very real from looking at it on a screen. According to, it says “In filmmaking, visual effects (VFX) is the creation or manipulation of any on-screen imagery that does not physically exist in real life.Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the blanket term used to describe digitally-created VFX in film and television.

I believe it would be very cool and interesting to see superheroes flying around saving the world or to witness an act of a superpower or even meet one. As a kid, I used to believe superheroes were real and even wanted to be one. I got this thought from watching movies like Iron Man and Justice League. As I got older and learned more about digital visual effects, I started contemplating whether they existed or not.  I found out they weren’t real. Even though they don’t exist I still believe superheroes are awesome. I believe they could help the world by inspiring people to do better and help the world. 

In conclusion, superheroes don’t exist. Their powers are created with VFX (visual effects) and other technology. It looks so real and believable because it’s 3D. Also the superpowers shown are unrealistic with physics. Superheroes go flying through the air then just get up without a scratch. Personally I think superheroes would make a great impact on the world. Regular humans would be inspired by them to help the world even more. It would make people more confident in themselves and make people more hopeful because of superheroes.