Area 51 and why it has become a urban legend

 By Irvin Hernandez-St. Ignatius-DMSF

Area 51, located in Nevada, and arguably one of the most well known urban legends, has many theories surrounding it. And rightfully so. I could go on and on, but for know, I’m only going to write about two main reasons; the first one being how secretive it is, the second on being all the theories surrounding Area 51. The first reason I’ll be talking about why Area 51 has become a urban legend is because of how secretive it is. An example of this starts off with the guards/workers there. One reason these guards/workers are mysterious is because they never answers questions relating their employers. They are also nicknamed “cammo dudes” by enthusiasts, and they are also assumed to be contracted by a company. According to Wikipedia, “The guards are popularly referred to as “cammo dudes” by enthusiasts. The guards will not answer questions about their employers; however, according to the New York Daily News, there are indications they are employed through a contractor such as AECOM.” Another example of Area 51 being secretive is the area around it. There is a lake that is near the Area 51 base that is off limits to all civilians and normal military air traffic. Even while training for the military around Area 51 is dangerous. Quote from Wikipedia, “Even military pilots training in the NTTR risk disciplinary action if they stray into the exclusionary ‘box’ surrounding Groom’s airspace.” Finally, the last reason that I’ll say here is of how secure it is. There are camera’s around the whole base. And in the signs along the base, it reads, “Photography is prohibited.” 

A second reason I’ll be talking about why Area 51 has become a urban legend is because of all the theories surrounding it having contact aliens.  Although there is evidence that this may be true, I am here to disprove all of it. People say, “Technology only got better because humans had contact with aliens”, but I disagree. Some people forget that a single computer would take up a entire room worth of space. But you still might think, “well that still doesn’t explain how technology got better”. But again, people forget how long it took for technology to get up to how it is today. Well how about those mysterious flying objects reported every once in a while? Weather balloon, a bird flying at a weird angle, there are a dozen reasons it might be like that. Another reason people think that Area 51 has contact with aliens is because of again, how secretive it is. But for good reasons. If the U.S. are really making weapons for war there, imagine if they let anyone go in and out. If it went into the wrong hands then it would be horrible for everyone. Another theory, more with the U.S. and not just Area 51, is the moon landing. When Apollo 11 first landed, it is said that they saw aliens, but I disagree. If it was the first moon landing then they may have misheard the noises for something else. After all this was reported only on the first landing. 

With all this being said, I believe that there are aliens in Area 51 for two reasons, one main reason being of how secretive the place is, and the second reasons being the theories that surround it.