The Reason why

Every generation you have people who grew up listening to Urban Legends told by people in their family like me and millions of others were told at the end of every rainbow there was a leprechaun there to collect gold or you might have seen the movie “leprechaun”. But however leprechauns are a beloved aspect of Irish lore. Every year on March 17th St. Patrick day is celebrated in Ireland and all across the globe they bring the shamrocks, costume, parades and the leprechauns witch are a
important part of Irish history and culture. Although the Irish have a strong belief in leprechauns that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are real everybody have their opinion whether they are real or not but the answer is no. I do respect Irish culture but here’s why leprechauns are not real. They are not real because in order for St. Patrick’s day to be complete people at the parades have to dress up as leprechauns. Without nobody dressing up there is no St. Patrick day and that’s what leprechauns are based off of. People who believe leprechauns are real have no other real proof that they are real there’s not one report of finding one leprechaun or that’s in the news or a reliable source I’ve read and watched 3 minute videos on what leprechauns are they are a big belief of the Irish and the day of St. Patrick is make the belief in leprechauns so strong which makes people think leprechauns are real.

Christopher Burton, St. Rita High School, DMSF

Image by LillyCantabile from Pixabay