Dear past self,

You are about to go through a roller coaster of emotions. Just so you know therapy is not for crazy people! You do have trauma it may not be displayed like other peoples but it’s in there. Losing your dad is a really big deal and it hurts like crazy but you have to express that. Stop holding everything in express your feelings. You are very smart so you don’t need to seek validation from anyone but yourself. Your is a bad influence you may not see it now but she you will. Be you, you’re a nice, respectful, and innocent kid stay that way. Your teachers know what’s best for you and are all tying to help. Mr. Perkins will approach you ad tell you about a change you made instead of giving him attitude apologize and take his advice. Honestly, school will be very easy for you, the work you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Tell mom when something is bothering you that way she know you trust her and she’s doing good as a parent. You would probably be like ” who is she telling me what to do” but I am you and I know you better than anybody lol.. You can’t hide anything, mother knows everything. So don’t text boys just because everyone else is. Mother’s doing her best and loves you! Remember you are smart and beautiful.

-Briniyah Medley, Marist High School, DMSF