Gun violence in America

Miguelangel Paez-Deerfield Academy-DMSF

It is an undeniable fact that gun violence is one of the most noticeable issues the United States is currently facing. Deaths involving firearms have skyrocketed a whopping 10,899 deaths from 1999 to 2017  and this number has only increased as of 2021.

The explanation behind this increase of deaths involving the use of firearms has been caused by the uncontrollable distribution of these weapons. Most of the guns are illegal firearms that are handed to juveniles. This mass distribution of firearms has made it difficult for citizens in certain areas of cities like Chicago to go outside due to the vast majority of criminals in possession of firearms. 

To add on to this list of problems more guns are being made in order for citizens to protect themselves, many of which are untrained and end up harming themselves or others in the process of defending their life. 

I remember when I was about 7 years old during the summer I was playing outside with my friend while my mom was taking care of us then all of the sudden there was a drive by and my mom had rushed us inside. I remember feeling scared and confused on what had just happened. After some time passed I had learned what a drive by was and I was traumatized that a shooting may happen near me again and how I may be caught up in the line of fire. That is the reason why this issue is so important. More kids are being traumatized by firearms which is why it is important to get rid of guns so that innocent citizillians in sketchy areas no longer bear the risk of being shot.

In order to maintain the control on the amount of gun violence in America we should stop producing them all together as well as to crack down on criminals with firearms with the help of the police, that way gun violence in the United States will soon decline.