Letter to my future self

Hello Phineas, I hope you are doing well as of right now. I realize that you might be going thriugh alot of challenges that you dont think you are prepared to deal with as of this moment and you may think nobody is here to help you. Well I am, I am writing this letter to help you deal with challenges that your future self is more equipped to deal with.  To start you should work on organization. Staying organized has always been difficult for you and working on it while you are still in 6th grade will help you before its extremley important, and being unorganized will have serious reprecussions. Ways you can stay organized include having a planner, a binder, and using apps like google classroom.

Another thing you should do is work on making friends that will help you. A lot of people say bad company corrupts good character and that is true. Finding a group of friends that are supportive helpful and kind is very important for your devepment. Hanging out around people that arent supportive can make you feel like not enough which is never true. Hanging out around people that arent kind can bring you down and make you sad. You should never be sad because of your own friend group. If your friends dont help you they dont care about your well being, and being around people that dont care about your well being is willingly putting yourself in a toxic enviroment. If your friend group poses those traits you should move on and make better friends.

One thing I really think I should have worked on while I had more time is being responsible. Doing things like being responsible with money and cleaning my room. Just builiding good habits is very important while there is still time to do so witout negative reprecutions. Those habits can include small things like biting your nails or mashing your teeth or big things like not forgetting things or maintaning good hygiene. With that being said you may be going through a rough time right now but know your future self is rooting for you through everything. I hope this letter helps you better yourself and grow as a person.


Your future self

Phones Lumpkin – DMSF