Letter to myself

Hey Mia,

I’m writing to you as your friend because I remember when you were struggling there wasn’t many people there for you. I want you to use this letter when you are at your lowest or have really hit that point in your life. I want you to always know this letter exists and is here to help you through everything.

Remember when you struggled terribly with your hygiene and even sleeping your room clean. How you could just walk in seeing the cups stacked on the table and the forks in a pile on your chair. How you felt embarrassed watching people’s expressions change as they walked in. Putting your feet down and feeling each piece of clothing scattered on the floor. So I need you to be strong pick it up listen to that music you have and clean. Like your mom would do clean and think before you do. Pick up every item you see on the floor like your mom was gonna get mad at you for just stepping over. Cause it will be worth it in the end it always is.

Remember when you felt no one listened to you not even your own parents. Felt as if you were hurting but all they cared about was the letter on a piece of paper. You explained that you tried your hardest to do. But how did we get there not turning in your assignments not putting in your all? That’s what people saw you doing and what they thought. But did they see you struggling to cry, and sobbing. The truth but Mia you need to tell someone. I need you to reach out to a teacher and and tell them how you feel and what your going through.

In the end Mia please look back to this when you’re in some trouble and do your best. Stay strong for you and your family please.

MIA Cruz – Western Reserve Academy – DMSF