To my future self…

Hello future self. I am probably a few years older now. I’m doing good right now, going to high school in about a month. Its making me nervous, but usually that’s how is it when anyone first goes to high school. I’m sure the world has changed since 2021. I’m really curious on what life is like right now. I’m sure there’s things that you already regret from your past. I hope you meet new people and made new friends. I have so many questions I wish I can ask. Although I still can, I won’t know the answer for a while.

I’m really nervous about high school and want to know how its going. Every time I think about my first day, I always get so many butterflies and eventually get sick because I’m so nervous. As you can tell, I’m really afraid. I do know that you are probably enjoying your high school years. Although my present self can’t say the same. How is my friend group going? As of now, we’re doing really good. A lot of people say that everyone goes their own ways once you get to high school, but I think we’ll stay together. It does makes me scared because I’m not ready for our group to split up. We’ve been going strong for about 2 years. I’m really curious on how you’re liking the high school experience? I hope you lead me into the right path and make good choices. If not, It’s okay just try to find the right track to get back on.

It must feel so good to know that your past self wrote you a letter. You might forget about me in a few months but that’s not the point. The point is what is it like in the future? I know that eventually the world always changes. What is it like living now? What new experiences have you tried? I’m always changing and I know I probably found a new hobby. If so, What is it? I’ve always wanted to become an architect in the future. I hope you are still pursuing your dream of wanting to become one. I always felt like my future career was so important and wanted to go to college for it. I’m hoping you are still thinking of going. I really want to be successful in life, so I’m counting on you.

Currently, society isn’t the best. There is a lot of issues going around locally that I care for. I hope those would be fixed in the future. Also coronavirus isn’t that big anymore, but there is a delta strand that is new. Did it become a big deal in the future? I am a bit concerned for the future. Also in the future I’ll be older. I think that high school is a big deal and that I’m growing pretty fast. It’s crazy that in 4 years, I’ll be legal. I mean 8 days ago I just turned 14, so time is going by fast.

Obviously if I could write to you forever, I would. I want to know so much more. I feel like once I read this, ill be proud of myself. Which was kinda my point. I wanted to write this to you just so in the future if you feel like you’re not doing your best, you can see how far you’ve came and to keep going! I am excited to see what’s there to come for me.


Your Past Self,

Harmoni Jerry – Lane Tech College Prep