How do I manage my time?

So some ways I suggest keeping track of assignments or meetings or whatever it is you urgently need to keep track of is a wall calendar, so you can schedule when you have that important date or for when you just want to work on something, so you make time to do more important things or just break something down into days—for example, completing half of something today and the other half tomorrow. And if you’re the type of person to probably just walk past your calendar, overlook it, and forget what you planned out, I suggest using your phone calendar and setting reminders for yourself. And I know some people don’t like keeping their ringer on their phone but put it so you mostly get notifications from your reminders and calendar so you won’t miss it. 

Most people also like to make a checklist or a “to-do” list. A checklist is when you write down information or things you have to do and cross it off/ check it off your paper once it is complete. For example, I write down to feed my cat at 5 pm. And once I have done so, I write a check next to it or cross it off. But some people do this because it makes them feel accomplished when they finish that task. That’s something I also recommend for some people that have no motivation because once you do use what you have to do, you can cross it off or check it off, giving you a feeling of accomplishment and reward. This method is suggested as well because you can also set a way to reward yourself in some way. So if you’re the type of person that might not be as interested and feel like there’s no point setting up one of these for yourself, rewarding things like taking yourself out and treating yourself.

In summary, you should discover an excellent way to organize your work in a way that operates most satisfactorily for you. And if you think these methods won’t necessarily work best for you or seem too complicated, you can make your own way of organizing everything or search for different ways. And that time management is a very important key to being organized, getting work done on time, and staying on track. Plus, it improves your well-being and puts you more at ease when knowing everything and when it is coming up.

Alessandra Pineda – Trinity High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Image: walkinlove

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