Jose Pantaleon: Ideal Brother, Husband, and Son

I am Xochitl Pantaleon. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful evening to celebrate the matrimony of Jose Pantaleon and the beautiful bride. Congratulations!

Jose is the best person without uncertainty. You might be thinking what about your mom and dad? Trust me they are wonderful as well but he is inimitable. Jose has always been an important person in my life and my greatest role model. For the first few years of my life Jose was the person I absolutely adored. I would call him “mi bebe” (my baby in english) even though he is five years older than I am. I would follow him around everywhere and I consider him an enormous role model in my life. He will always be the person I hold the highest and deem most important. Now the reason I am expressing this on his wedding day is because even though we have had disagreements, I can’t remember a time when he has disappointed me, or any other family member, or when he hasn’t completed anything he promised he would do.

When we were younger he would always support me whenever I needed or give me words of encouragement. The most important memories I have with him are not immense but they are significant. One of my favorite memories is learning how to ride a bike. Visualize this. I was around seven or eight years old and Jose was there for me. He was around 13 or 14. Jose was the one held onto the back of the bike to keep me balanced and eventually let go when I was ready. I remember it like it was yesterday. Once I realized he let go I started to lose balance, he encouraged me to keep going, so I did. He eventually took a video and teased me about traveling at such a slow rate. But, even then, he still encouraged me to keep going and when I fell he helped me get up and continue on my bike riding journey. The story might seem insignificant, but I think it is a wonderful example of who he is. He encouraged me when I was doubting myself. He helped me up and motivated me to keep on going. He never once let me give up on myself. 

 If you don’t know me, I don’t have the greatest relationship with either of my parents, so Jose has always been a form of a parental figure for me. One thing he has said that demonstrates this was when something happened, I am not quite sure what, but I remember him saying, “See, I knew I raised you right.” He has always made sure you know right from wrong and keeps you in check. He always makes sure that if you are saying something you stand by it and if you are wrong he will make it his mission to explain to you why, so you understand. For instance I made a foolish comment one day and he proceeded to give me all the reasons as to why it was foolish. I did not enjoy it at the time but reflecting upon it I do realize that I could have thought about it more and observed how foolish it was.  He also makes sure that you are happy with all of your decisions and if you are unsure he will give you exceptional advice, but also remind you that ultimately you will be the one making the choice to take the advice or not.  Jose will be a great husband. Not only will he care for you and be there for you whenever you need him, he will also listen and give admirable advice.

Jose will be a great friend and an exceptionally better husband. He will care for you. Understand all your needs, and give the relationship his all. But have no doubt he will also tease you whenever he has the opportunity. He has also been through his fair share of heartbreaks, so just know that if he knows he isn’t being treated right or is confused, he will communicate his feelings. I have no doubt that the marriage will last forever, and I know that the bride and groom will not be disappointed with the decision to spend the rest of their lives forever. 

(side note he is not married yet but I stand by everything I said 🙂

Xochitl Pantaleon – Cristo Rey Jesuit High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Image is from Xochitl’s personal iPhone library.