The Man With Everlasting Faith

Hello everyone, Today I want to celebrate Saint patrick. I would like to honor him by giving him a speech and a little backstory on him. He is really important in My life because of his story and his faith. He has helped me grow my faith and how I view my life. 

During the 5th century, a group of Irish marauders came into Great Britain on a ship. The Marauders raided the town of Patrick, it was  called  Bannaven Tabuniae. Ordered by Irish King Niall they took 9 hostages, to put into slavery, one of them being Patrick. He was 16 years old at the time and, not knowing yet, that he would be the patron saint of those who enslaved him.

During Saint Patrick’s 6 years of slavery, he found a new reason to have faith. His only friends were the flock he was in charge of taking care of. And because of this, he felt very alone. Instead of feeling bad,  he chose to pray 200 times a day. During his 6th year of slavery, an angel appeared. He told him to go to a ship which would take him back to his hometown. 

He had to travel 200 miles to get to the ship. Once there, the captain did not let him in. Instead of walking back, he began to pray. The captain saw him praying and let him in for good luck. They arrived in Great Britain, but still had a long road to travel. They walked for days without food or water. The captain and his crew asked Patrick why his God was not giving them food. He said, “Because you have no faith.” The captain and the crew then turned to faith and a herd of pigs ran across them. Which they hunted for food. Once he got back to his birthplace, he felt Ireland calling him. Even though his parents wanted him to stay he decided to go back to Ireland, the land he was enslaved in, and preach the Catholoc Gospel. 

When I was in 5th grade, my classmates and my cousins at home would say unpleasant things. When I saw this, I felt inclined to do this as well, but I told myself not to. I felt bad because my cousins and friends would make fun of me for not being “cool” like them. Knowing that cursing was not a good thing and that God did not like that I decided to pray. I prayed for my cousins and for me to stay strong and on the right path. Patrick instead of blaming God for putting him in that situation, he decided to ask him for help. It took Patrick 6 years for him to go back home and he kept his faith strong. 

Although not Catholic myself, Learning about saint patrick’s story has helped strengthen my faith. The adversity he had to go through, and how he dealt with it, has opened my viewpoint on how I can deal with adversity myself. Not only did Saint Patrick go into slavery, once he ascaped,  he whent back to where he was inslaved to be a missionary. The way he prayed 200 times a day, helps  me to turn to God when I feel down or when I face adversity. 

Saint Patrick’s has helped me in more ways than one. Learning about his slavery and how he got back home is a great example on how we can use our faith in adversity.  Even if you do not believe in God you can still use your faith in yourself to get through adversity. 

Thanks for reading.

Lucas Bolanos – Saint Ignatius College Prep – DMSF Class of 2026

Image: Google creative common licenses.