The simple, yet grueling task of losing weight

  Do you want to learn how to lose weight fast and effectively? Well , I’ll be showing you a sure-fire and the only valid way to accomplish your task successfully. 

     First, know the difference between losing weight and losing fat, while losing fat has to do with reducing the amount of mass in your body that is taken up by fat which can lead to weight loss, specifically working on weight loss is just pushing towards a certain number on the scale which accounts for waterweight, muscle, and fat stored in your body. 

     Next, be sure to plan out your goal by making an appropriate finish line and even by making smaller goals for each week. 

     Third, make sure that you’re on a calorie deficit, you can accomplish this by eating fewer calories than those that you burn (eg. Eat 1,500 calories and burn 1,800 calories). And this can be done  by just making sure that you eat less, but you should also try to exercise to minimize the amount of muscle that you lose during your weight cut. Also ensure that you’re eating nutritious food that enhances you during this period and try to stay away from food without nutritious value that is also dense in calories. A tip for you is to eat fruit, and lots of it! Fruit like watermelon is made mostly of water, so it’ll fill you up while also being low in calories which is good since most people think that losing weight has to do with being hungry all the time and it doesn’t. 

     Then, just try and think about your well-being because losing weight isn’t all about being physically active and the benefits aren’t all physical either, when people exercise they automatically feel better about themselves because they have a goal to fight for and due to the fact that exercise releases dopamine into your body. 

    Alas, Be determined to finish your weight cut, many people back out of their cut because they miss the crispiness of the fries, the smoothness of ice cream, and the richness of chocolate but they should be glad to hear that many of our favorite foods have healthier options like eating sweet potato fries instead of regular fries or just gnawing down on a high-protein, low-calorie version of a food that will keep you healthy without having being at the expense of the taste. To add on, many people believe that vegetables are boring, and it’s because they are! You should try cooking your vegetables with a non-stick olive oil spray or even with just some chili flakes to add flavor without having to add a lot of calories to the final meal. 

     In conclusion, know your goal, set your goal, start your goal, understand your goal, and finally reach your goal.

Joshua Ortega-Garcia – University of Chicago Lab Schools – DMSF Class of 2026

Image:  Adobe Stock

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