Anticipate The Future

Dear Future Self,

The past can’t be changed, the present is where you live in the moment, but the future is never set in stone. Twenty, thirty years from now you’ll find yourself wondering what you could’ve done better so I want you to grasp these ideals going forth. As you go on to accomplish more than you thought possible, think back to where you’ve come from. Recognize who you are and be thankful for what you’ve become. Cherish the little moments, relish the achievements, and evolve from the mistakes. Never let the boulders in the middle of your road halt your improvement. Don’t modify who you are for the benefit of others; be authentic to you. 

As the past tends to stretch itself into your present and future, ride the waves. Even as you battle and war with trauma and pain, don’t let it shake your equilibrium. Own the homophobia, the discrimination, acknowledge the pain because they all symbolize your trials and tribulations. Although present relationships and interactions may leave you hurting, understand that there’s a reason for people to only have a season of your time. Know that not everyone is going to stick with you through thick and thin. Recognize that in the end, it’s “Me, Myself, and I”, and your time and essence shouldn’t be wasted on superficial people. Stand strong against the harsh, wounding tide as it batters against your control. Let the emotions flow, as bottling them up leads to a bursting dam that you won’t be able to contain.

Your priorities and standards should be the driving force for all your decisions. Never let people draw you away from what you want and need to do. Be watchful, for a lack of attention will more than likely come back to bite. Know yourself — the college you want to attend, the jobs you want to obtain — and comprehend what’s best for you, even if what’s best hurts. Take your time, breath, and appreciate whatever you choose to do. Don’t rush to feel instant gratification; the best things happen when you take your time and gather a passion for your situation. 

I know I’m speaking to the future me (and this may sound ironic), but anticipate your future. Your adversities will pay off in ways that will humble and elevate who you are as a person. Trust the process, and discern that your failures can create opportunities for tremendous improvement. Although your plans — gaining acceptance into your college of choice, or securing your job of choice — may not fall in line with your desires, there’s a chance for greater prosperity. What doesn’t work for you should no longer be of your concern; don’t give your energy to what doesn’t benefit you. Despite the challenges that may arise while you labor to accomplish your goals, never stray because the odds appear to be stacked against you. The future will only reflect the dedication that you put into it.

What I’m trying to emphasize is that you choose to be knowledgeable about yourself, and who you are as an individual. Let your identity show in any and everything you do, whether it be work-related or geared towards personal happiness. Love every perfect imperfection because those imperfections show your truth. Own your flaws, own your differences, own what makes you uniquely Jameel Meeks.

Yours Truly,

Jameel Meeks 

Jameel Meeks – Saint Ignatius College Prep – DMSF Class of 2026

Image credit: Fran on Unsplash