Have you seen the Mufasa and Scar TikTok video? If not, I will briefly encapsulate the video. The video states that Mufasa dies and we don’t know what happened to his body. The video then states that Hyenas don’t usually eat lions. No other animals eat lions, except for other lions. In the lion king, there is a scene where scar seems to be playing with a “lion skull”. The video’s conspiracy theory has 3 major components.The hyenas don’t eat lions. lions eat lions.  The skull that scar holds looks like a lion skull. Are these 3 components to the video true at all? Or was it all a hoax?

We will first go over whether hyenas actually eat lions.According to the AZ animals blog website, ”Hyenas are one of lions’ worst enemies. Although hyenas eat dead lions, they often go after lion cubs since adult lions are more difficult for them to kill.”This information leads us to know that hyenas would most likely eat mufasa’s dead body. There is also evidence to prove that the hyenas would also eat Mufasa’s bones as well. The source Discover Wildlife states that “Hyenas are famed for their bone-cracking jaws and ability to eat everything, bones and all.” These two pieces of evidence prove that hyenas would not only eat Mufasa’s dead corpse, but even the bones on the body. There would not even be a trace of him left.

The second piece of the argument is that lions eat other lions. According to Ranger Planet, lions “mostly kill but do not eat them. As a general rule, lions do not seek to hunt and eat other lions unless food is scarce.” Food was definitely not scarce in the lion king to the point where scar was going to cannibalize his own brother. Scar was eating most of the animals. This is  because of the hyenas over hunting for animals. lions would kill other lions but never eat them unless it was extremely important for their survival. 

The final part of this Analysis is scar holding a “lion skull”. Firstly we need to describe what the skull looks like.The skull has two top teeth that are like knives and everything else is as flat as a piece of paper.Teeth similar to herbivore teeth. A lion skull doesn’t have any flat teeth on it because they are carnivores.carnivores tear through animal flesh which is why they don’t have any flat teeth. teeth are one of the main reasons why you can distinguish multiple skulls that are similar to things like this.The shape of the skull for Lions is also different from the one scar is holding. 

In conclusion, the conspiracy theory is false. Scar wouldn’t eat his brother unless it was critical for his survival. The evidence I have gathered proves that the hyenas would have eaten his body and bones included. Mufasa wouldn’t even have a trace left behind from the hyenas. Which is why at the end of The Lion King, Nobody knows what happened to scar. 

Jihad Arnold

Morgan Park Academy – DSMF Class of 2026

Photo by Christoph on Adobe Stock