how were the pyramids made?

If you’re a human, and living on Earth, chances are that you’ve heard of the Great Pyramids. Though a lot of people know about them, not a lot of people know about all of the weird specifics and details that get you wondering how the pyramids were made so many thousands of years ago. Were they assisted in making them, or were they way smarter than we know?
First of all, most people think that the Pyramids are 4 sided, but that is wrong, the Pyramids have 8 sides according to this article by Discovery, and many more. Another weird detail is how the Great Pyramid of Giza is aligned to within 1/15th of a degree of true North. This is more accurate than most other structures on Earth. The pyramid is also located at the exact center of the Earth. For Egyptians to have done this, they would’ve needed to know that the Earth is a sphere, and exactly how big Earth truly is. The Earth being round however, wasn’t discovered until almost 2,000 years after the pyramids were built. Furthermore, the golden ratio of Fibonacci appears to have been used in the creation of the Pyramids. The golden ratio however, wasn’t discovered until around the 1600’s. Could this mean that the Egyptians knew more about math than we think they did? Or did they have extraterrestrial help?
Still not convinced that there wasn’t anything weird with the pyramids? There’s still many more things. For example, the Egyptians used Royal Cubits as a unit of measurement. One Royal Cubit is exactly 1/25,000,000 of the distance from the South pole to the North pole (Polar diameter). Something else with the royal cubits is that the length of the Pyramids from corner to corner is 365.242 Royal Cubits. 365.242 just also happens to be the number of days in 1 Earth year all the way down to the quarter day (.242). Something this perfect can’t be a coincidence. The Egyptians needed extreme precision to get all of this down so perfectly. Furthermore, the speed of light shows up in the great pyramid somewhere that you’d never expect. The coordinates to North of the Pyramid of Giza are 29.9792° N, that is the speed of light, 299,792,458 m/s, with precision of 6 digits (wouldn’t be able to be more since the coordinate can’t get more placement values, is as precise as possible). A reason this pops out to me so much is that not only did the Egyptians have to know the speed of light, thousands of years ago to do this, they also had to know what the speed of light is in m/s. Knowing the speed of light is already really impressive, but they knew it in meters, the Egyptians didn’t use meters, they used Royal Cubits. Yet they knew the speed of light in m/s. Something of this magnitude couldn’t have been a coincidence, it just can’t be. Lastly, each of the 3 Pyramids were aligned with 3 stars on Orion’s Belt. The precision for the Egyptians to even know about the stars and build the pyramids aligned with them is fascinating.
A lot of people believe aliens were involved in the creation of the Pyramids for all of these reasons, others think time travel. A theory about what the Pyramids were for was that they generated power, this could have something to do with them being aligned with the 3 stars, and even with how they repeatedly connect back to the speed of light. There’s many theories, but none have been proven true. The truth is, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the Great Pyramids, and how they were created, but no one knows exactly how or for what purpose they were created.

Santiago Gomez

Walter Payton College Prep – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash