is it a bird? is it a plane? it’s a ufo

Since the first UFO(Unidentified Flying Object) sighting in 1947, many theories have erupted about its existence, its origin and its connection to aliens. Striking fear and curiosity into many, UFOs have been one of the greatest mysteries of the world. Is it dangerous? Where did it come from? These questions are asked every day as theorists search for more answers and information on these strange flying objects. This subject matter is interesting because of the hundreds if not thousands of theoretical ideas created upon the basis of UFOs. The world has been unaware of the truth upon these flying objects and are reliant on theories to try to further their insight on them. Every day, we are subjected to using these guesses/theories at attempts for more understanding of these unknown flying objects with no gain or certainty of true answers.

UFO(Unidentified Flying Object) has been a term used for unknown flying objects people saw in the sky. These sightings were later thought to be extraterrestrial beings from other planets such as aliens. The first sighting of a UFO was described as a saucer-shaped flying object. Since WWⅡ ended too long before the sighting, the U.S. Air Force suspected that the spotted object were Soviet aircrafts.This leads to the conspiracy theory created by Amerians that unknown flying objects that were spotted were just weirdly-shaped aircrafts used by enemy countries to spy and have surveillance on another nation. Another theory is that NASA is responsible for the UFO sightings and they are secretly plotting to overthrow governments and countries to take over the world. What could possibly be the most popular speculation about UFOs is the theory that they are alien ships from different universes or planets. Those that bear this theory speculate that aliens come here so that they could take over Earth and/or gain information concerning human reproduction and livelihood. This is very well known because seeing something that is shaped differently than the normal spaceship and something that no one knows anything about, makes people think it’s something mysterious to humanity; That being Aliens.

Nevertheless, it’s time to debunk everything I just stated one-by-one. First , aircrafts from other countries. In the U.S’s case, if an unknown aircraft was in America it could be detected on radar and infrared sensors. So America would be aware if an aircraft was inland and they would be able to take any necessary action to investigate the aviation. Next on the list, NASA being responsible for the UFO sighting. This theory is just a hoax by Serge Monast, a French-Canadian conspiracy theorist most likely based on the first Star Trek movie. When it comes to taking over the world, NASA certainly doesn’t have enough global power or influence to do so. Lastly, the theory that UFOs are alien ships from alternate plants and/or universes. This theory is probably the most believable but just isn’t true. If there was an extraterrestrial object entering our atmosphere, we could spot them with our satellites. If not, we could spot their satellites, making us swiftly aware.

Ultimately, aliens are simply just not real. No matter how much you hypothesize or theorize, it is all futile because such a species is still unknown to humanity. If me and my friends happened to get a glimpse upon such a being, we would most likely keep it a secret unbeknownst to the world.

Tra’Monti Williams

Walter Payton College Prep – DMSF Class of 2026

Image by Andreas Schlereth from Pixabay