The Urban Legend of the Alabama Hell Gate

The Alabama hell gate begins in the 1950’s. a young couple was once driving over a bridge at night and suddenly they drove their car off the bridge and they both drowned.

Apparently there are 2 different urban legends associated with the hell gate bridge. As far as one knows, if you drive your car out to the middle of the bridge and turn off the lights, the couple will magically appear in your car and leave a wet spot on the seat.The other legend is how the bridge got its name, is the belief that if you drive over the bridge and look over your shoulder halfway through, several people have reported seeing a road behind them resembling the fiery gates of Hell.

Hell’s Gate Bridge is closed to cars, and it is in such disrepair that walking across is strongly discouraged.In late 2005/early 2006, Hell’s Gate Bridge was officially closed to vehicles. To keep people safe, cement blocks were put down to block off the bridge so people won’t be tempted to drive across it. People still visit Hell’s Gate Bridge by foot, but because of its old condition, it’s not recommended. There has been a “No Trespassing” sign put up.

Nobody is sure that the story behind Hell’s Gate Bridge is completely accurate.though, several locals and visitors have had haunting experiences at this bridge and few paranormal investigators who’ve visited this bridge in the past didn’t experience any paranormal activity.

Toni Thomas

Christ the King Jesuit College Prep – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by James on Adobe Stock