Why do four men get to decide what a woman can do with her body?!

Why should five individuals-four of whom are men-get to decide what a woman should do with her body? Men who do not experience this issue. It’s difficult to become pregnant unexpectedly, to become pregnant after being raped, or to become pregnant through incest. These guys are blind to the suffering that women endure and the fact they did not choose to become pregnant. These men don’t see how women who have been raped have been through so much and decide they don’t want to keep the rapists baby. And she has that choice not four men.

On Friday, June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court formally overturned Roe v. Wade, saying that the constitutional right to an abortion, which had been affirmed for over half century, no longer exists. Criminalizing abortion only reduces its safety, not its prevalence. Unsafe abortions cause five million extra disabilities that are generally avoidable and are the third greatest cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Banning abortions is a mistake and lead to fatal consequences. The Supreme Court lacks the authority to dictate to women what they should or should not do with their bodies. It is up to the woman to decide whether to keep or abort the child. Her body is her choice.

Women are finding it more difficult to get a safe, cheap, legal abortion early in their pregnancies. Since safe clinics have been closing, women are now forced to travel back and forth to a clinic hundreds of miles away only to undergo this procedure. As a result of onerous restrictions on medicinal abortion, women are often forced to have late-term, more expensive, and occasionally unneeded surgical abortions. These laws are specifically intended to prevent women from having safe abortions. This prevents impoverished women from getting abortions that are less expensive since they may mot be able to afford to raise their child, pay for the abortion, or both.

Women have a constitutional right to an abortion, to put it simply. The Supreme Court recognized a right to personal privacy in its famous Roe v. Wade decision from 1973, which includes a woman’s ability to choose whether or not to have children. According to the court, states cannot limit a woman’s ability to have an abortion before the fetus reaches the point of fetal viability, or when it can survive outside the womb. It’s a human right violation. Women have a right to a safe abortion, and the United Nations has consistently stated that depriving them of access to safe abortion treatment is a violation of their human rights.

Speak up and demonstrate why access to abortion is vital to you in order to protect and increase access to the procedure. The more you express yourself, the more others will value doing the same and feel more comfortable offering their support. Supporting abortion funds aids in preserving and a hanging access to abortion since they assist patients who can’t afford to pay for an abortion and occasionally offer others resources like childcare, accommodation, and transportation.

This issue is important to me since I have a sister who is 16 years old, so she’s still a teen. Since she is still a teen and doesn’t fully know how to take care or raise a baby it would be bad if she had a child at this time. She’s still a high school student, she has a social life, and she currently engages in a variety of extracurricular activities. Her entire life would alter if she were to become pregnant unexpectedly and be unable to terminate the pregnancy. I would also be assisting her since I wouldn’t want her to go through it alone or experience undue stress.

Isaac Villa

Holy Trinity High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash