If I knew what I know now. I wished I knew a bunch of things back then, to understand matters going in the world, to prepare myself for new challenges, to create a new story? There’s many paths in life you can take, going up to infinity. Like right now, I’m changing paths in writing this, I could’ve been in the bathroom right now, I could’ve been lazing around. See? There’s no creating the perfect story nor your perfect self, but you are your own creation and you should keep it that way. Don’t let others change you, even those who don’t know you , they don’t know your back story, they just wanna be there to make you a miserable person you have in you. Everyone does, even the ones with high power.

Im a 14 year old, coming from an edgy neighborhood but also  knowing the fact that you are your Creation of your mindset. I had been made fun of just like every other person in this world. But dont void when others are making fun of you because you are supposedly “different” as what people call it, meaning different things too. Different in what way? Being an alien or what?! It’s crazy how people let others take advantage of them just with words. That’s the worst drug someone could probably take. Words; the ruiner of the mindset, what I call it. When I say “the worst drug someone could take is words”  it’s either you let them kill you or you take them as granted for the new you. 

Create your reality. Nobody has dominance  over your dreams, you can be anything you want, not literally, but you can. That’s how much power you have in your dreams. Go for them, don’t let walls block your path. Climb them, or even break them. Do anything to overpast the walls. To give part of my story, I was struggling with an exercise, it was literally climbing a wall, rock climbing, I had no safety, why? Because I’m crazy but I found every mistake first and from those mistakes I made a solution, I came to the point where I overpass the wall. Think outside the box! 

Reign  your world. The world is everyones, but with these rules, they take that away. Open your eyes and change things, you are the one that creates how the world looks. You can make it look bad, you can make it go beautiful, you keep it how you want it, that goes back into you are the creation of your mindset. Your mind is the lock to anything, you know way more things that you know now, I know things that I don’t know now, weird right? You just gotta go through every single door, unlocking new things. Get out of your comfort zone, try a bunch of things, things you never tried before. To be successful, you gotta know that success is not comfortable. Challenges and failures are part of you, they’re super glued on to you. You are creator of your soul 

And that’s if I knew what I know now

Brandon Pina

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by : @gferla 2018 on Unsplash

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