madness of the red cape!

Have you ever wondered why or why you thought red made bulls go rampant and uncontrollable? You’ve seen TV shows, movies, and may have heard of bulls getting wild when they see red. We’ve all once in our lives or still do believe that red makes bulls angry and agitated, right? Well, that’s not exactly the reason why bulls get mad, although red does have some involvement, but it’s not as you may think.
Bulls are red-green colored blind and to those who may not know what that means, it’s when seeing different shades of red and green is very difficult. Scientifically, it is called deuteranopia. This cancels out the theory that bulls get mad when they see the color red, but you have to wonder why people think red was what made bulls mad? Now to explain why people think bulls get mad when they see the color red, it is because the movement of the red cape that matadors use is what triggers the bulls’ anger. Many experts believe that the reason bulls hate the movement that matadors use is because, to bulls, the movement of the capes is life threatening to them. The bulls then try to counterattack and this is what you don’t see or think about that actually happens.
Now some of you might be wondering if a bull can’t really see the color red very well. Why is it that the cape or muleta is red? Or why are they even using a cape in the first place? Well, there are many reasons why, and to begin with, the reason that they use capes is because they’re hiding a sword or, to be more specific, Estoques de Torero, to kill cows. Now you might have guessed why it’s red, because when a matador pierces the bull it can easily hide the messy blood splattering out.
Who are matadors? Who was the first? And what does it mean to be a matador?
A matador is a performer that is tasked to kill bulls, but if the bull is able to perform well, then he will be pardoned, but if not, it will be murdered and taken to a slaughterhouse.
Francisco Romero was one of the first ever matadors and one of the, if not most famous, matadors in history. His career of being a matador had lasted for thirty years, leaving everyone in awe. To be a matador, you must have the courage, skills, and charming.
To those who might not know the difference between a bull and a cow, a bull is a male cattle while a cow is a female cattle. They have many similarities and differences in their nature and physical features. A bull is very muscular, has thicker bones, larger feet, and bigger horns than a cow.

Myoe Aung

Loyola Academy – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by Wirestock on Adobe Stock