They’re Just Words

Everyone judges everyone. Everyone has negative and positive thoughts about each other, we can’t prevent that. Your life in 6th grade changed in many ways. Well you let it change. You let it change by focusing on little words people had to say about you . Hurtful words. But it’s okay, this is why I wrote this letter. To tell and explain why things happen and to not worry. Why? Because you’re just a little girl in need of some advice.

 Like I said before, everyone always and I mean always have something to say about someone. Either good or bad. Yet you focus on the bad words. They’re just words. They’re words that people say because they’re dumb. You don’t have to listen to any of it. Those people either “friends” or strangers, won’t always  be with you in the future. They won’t care about your success. They really don’t  matter. Yes there’s always going to be people that talk but you have to learn to ignore them. Live your life. You’re just a kid. Don’t pressure yourself into being the best at everything so they won’t judge. It’s just not possible. Don’t look at others’ knowledge or work and think bad about yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. You’re so special. In your own way. Everyone is. Learn to let those words go and focus on your success and future. 

Stay strong and truthful to yourself. Don’t try to imitate others who aren’t you. Don’t try to be them, people that judged you before. You aren’t being any better. You still have a whole life full of adventures waiting for you. Stay in one full piece and fight back. You’ll succeed in life if you work on the important matters. Imagine yourself always staying in a little bubble. Worrying about words people have to say. Where is that going to take you because I can only imagine you daydreaming. Daydreaming about what people have said and not turning in assignments and getting the best score possible or not living life and being happy.

You have to understand that these things happen everywhere. By these things i mean people talking. Saying hurtful words. Don’t feel alone. This happens to every kid, teenager, even adults at times. They’re just words. Yes, I’ve said this like a thousand times. Its true these hurtful words shouldn’t and don’t mean anything. They’re just trying to throw you off. Away from happiness and success. You shouldn’t let that keep you away from what you love.

Finally, I can’t explain how proud I am of you. You’ve worked your hardest even at your lowest. Believe it or not Mom and dad are proud of you. Even not knowing what’s happening and not knowing your pain and sadness, they know how much you try and how much you’ve accomplished. In school, at home and as a big sister. You try your best even with people’s words circling around your mind and eating you away. All I have to say is focus on what matters, be yourself, and remember they’re just words.

Monserrat Escudero

De La Salle Institute – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by kieferpix on Adobe Stock