You’ve got to do this !

There are many things you should try. In my opinion the things you should try are really fun and you won’t waste your time. You’ll make many memories and spend your time with friends . Some of these activities can take place in school or the park. The amount of excitement I get when I have an upcoming game or activity to attend gives me something to look forward to during that week or weekend.
As a student,these activities took place in my school. All these activities made me have so many memories with all my friends . From having games and playing in the field to class discussions that somehow ended up as a debate over something. I was really engaged in my school . I would like to encourage everyone to join as many activities in their schools as they can or join activity leagues outside of school too. There are many advantages to joining activities from meeting new people and also having different experiences with different people.

In my own experience I’ve joined soccer, volleyball, choir and I was a student ambassador . A student ambassador is a person who helps around school for new families that want to come and view the school. Student Ambassadors also represent our school in many activities. For example, we helped the little kids in an activity we have called “mom and tot” where parents bring their little ones and they participate in many activities from painting and drawing. The student ambassador helped out by painting the little kids’ hands and with brown paint and their print became a reindeer. We added some googly eyes for the finished touch. By the way, all the student ambassadors were picked by the principal and they were all 8th graders.I think that the principal made that decision because we are the oldest in the whole school and we are better role models and also responsible to represent our school community.

You’ve got to try this,In my volleyball games our coach was my homeroom teacher from school. This helped me build a really good relationship with her. I viewed my teacher as a really close friend of mine. She is someone who you can talk to about your problems and someone who would understand you as well . Many of my memories of my 8th grade year were spent in her class and I am really thankful I was put in her class. Her humor and her fun side are what really lighten up our classroom and now that we have graduated I am always going to appreciate that I got the honor to be her student.
I understand that some people aren’t that outgoing. You might be really shy to join activities but I would like to encourage you to join them. I am also a very shy person but we only live once so might as well go for it , live your life to the fullest . Especially in highschool there are many programs and opportunities you have as a student. If you are feeling like you won’t be good in a program or sport I encourage you to still join it. You might become very good at it . It doesn’t have to be in highschool it can be in your grade school. It would also keep your mind active and body as well . The sport you might join can also discover your new passion you had for that sport that you never knew you would ever have. I just want to encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.
All of these activities can make you be more engaged in your school and you’ll also have many good experiences when you go to highschool. You’ve got to try all of the activities before saying you’re not a sports person or an activity person.

Marisol Gutierrez

St. Laurence High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash