Experiences build up who we are

I want to begin by saying life is a long process and during that process we go through experiences. The experiences we go through build up our mindset and character. These experiences teach us to react based on them and adapt in a situation that relates to the situation with them because we can sometimes make irrational decisions. The good thing about these experiences is that they can teach us not to make the same mistakes again. I want to touch back on some events that I experienced in my life that I wish I could change or if I had experience will make a different decision.  The duration of a year, and I was hanging out with some friends. I’ve come to realize that not all of these people are my friends. I realize this because they would always ask me if I did my homework or class work could they see it. I would always give in because I thought we’ll these people are my friends. The realization came when I didn’t complete my homework one they and they told me if you’re not helping us with our homework or class work we don’t need you to be our friend. So I proceeded to exit from the situation. This showed me that I don’t always trust everyone and a lot of people could just be feeding off of your success. I took this experience and turned it into something great. I realize that I will never make this wrong decision again and always adapt based on this experience and I believe that’s a good skill to have going into high school. So this event showed me to never make this wrong decision but also that bad decisions will always be made if I knew what I know now I wouldn’t of made all those bad decisions I made but we also have to understand the bad decisions come with life and if you’re not making better decisions you’re not learning from them so there can always be good everywhere. I want to prove the point I made is true so I want to touch on another event where I had used my experience effectively. I was in class the previous year and a classmate asked me to give them my homework. I had already gone through a situation so I had a way to react. I told him I would help him but not give it to him. I then helped him understand the work and he was very grateful. This shows that just because you had a bad experience does not mean you can not turn that experience into a good thing. Me and the kid I helped with his homework became lifelong friends and that’s because I didn’t treat the experience with all bad intentions but productive intentions and helped instead of letting myself be used. If I knew this back then I would have kept and made many friends.

James Cole – Saint Ignatius College Prep – DMSF Class of 2026

Image Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay