My passion is wrestling

My passion is wrestling. Why wrestling you may ask, well I chose this sport because I believe it is one of the hardest sports in the world and I mean that but I also believe that it is a sport that teaches someone strong habits that you will use in the future. Since I was about eight years old, I have been watching my brothers and their friends wrestle and I have seen how they have grown in their drive, determination and how they have been pushed beyond their limit and become stronger physically and in habits. But that’s not the only reason I think it’s a great sport but because it teaches you good strong habits , like independence especially is the sense of growing more habits that could help you later in life. 

Even though other team sports teach how to work with one you will still need to be independent in some sense before that time comes. So your life once you become an adult is pretty much independent but you still have people in your life to help you, this is like being in your first match once you’re there no one can help you on the mat but like growing and having people help you up your coach will help you and tell you what move to do. As you move up to different ranks your opponents get harder and tougher. Wrestling also requires remembering different techniques for what your opponent is going to do and it helps to strengthen your memory into what would be important. 

Wrestling is a sport where it helps a lot with discipline and habits. Some habits would be independence, humility, respect, focus. It also helps with a person’s traits like confidence and self reassurance. It helps you gain other skills like thinking quickly and it helps you become stronger and if you are a person who is less confident in your body you are able to gain strength.Wrestling is the type of sport that really accepts all type of body’s.But for the habit independence you have the coaches there to teach you the move and the rest is up to you and how well you focus on what you learned and they one of the first thing you learn is that you need to be independent because no one but yourself on the mat and your coaches are only there to tell you what move would be best but even then it is still up to you of what move you should make against your opponent, which is great for confidence because if you have a mindset that you will lose then you will but if you believe that you can go in and win it then you will.. Humility is also a great habit you can gain when you wrestle. It helps you to be respectful to your opponent even though you lost. It also teaches that you can’t win every match and you need to learn that it’s ok to lose. It also teaches you how to win and be respectful because you never know you might just lose the second one. Another thing the sport does is it disciplines your mind into focusing more on what you’re doing with your body and to think on what you should do next and to think quickly on your feet if your coach isn’t able to help you in the moment. So that is why you should do wrestling.

Abigail Chaheine

Trinity High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Image by Moondance from Pixabay