Who is this special person?

I can say I came from pretty humble beginnings. My family has provided well for me and even better than well. Yet I have always stayed humble because of the important values they have shown me they have shaped this teenage boy today. This person is my mom. My mom has been there for me at all times and she has shown her support throughout my whole life. She cooks, cleans, takes me to my activities, looks out for me. I am grateful for my mom although sometimes I may not be so appreciative I really do appreciate her. My mom is more than my guardian but an inspiration to me. She is a best friend to me and she always lets me know that I can trust her and open up to her. My mom is supportive but of course strict in some ways. She is big on school and makes sure I do well. She values education and encouraged me to apply for the DMSF to follow in on my sister’s footsteps. My mom spent hours sending in files making sure everything was sent in and received. My mom helped me prepare for the interview. My mom would rather not eat and wait as long as I can make it to soccer practice or go to the gym. She supports my decisions no matter what. She puts me and my siblings before herself, She has a busy day everyday but she still keeps going. She shows resilience and she perseveres through anything. Without my mom I would not be where I am today. Although I am not the nicest she still lets me know that she is here for me no matter what. The unconditional love she gives me and my siblings that no matter how much we make her upset or we mess up she will always be there for us to support us and to guide us throughout our whole lifetime. I hope to one day become a very successful person so that I am able to give back to my mom and buy her nice things. I want to care for her when she is older and I want to appreciate her just as much as she appreciates me. I want to make my mom proud and show her that all the countless hours she spent focusing on me getting my education paid off. In the end I will be thriving and give back.

Aaron Lugo

St. Laurence High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by zakalinka on Adobe Stock