You should try stumble guys!

You probably have heard of Fall Guys Right? Well, today I am going to introduce you to a better game. This game is so simple, yet so fun. This game is called Stumble Guys. Some may call it a Rip off of Fall Guys but in reality, it is better than Fall Guys. It is better than Fall Guys and I recommend you try it because it is free to play, you get free daily prizes , you can play with friends.

Don’t you hate when good games are really expensive and take up too much space. Well not Stumble Guys. Stumble Guys is a free-to-play online game. Which you can get on android and apple.It is also available on pc. This means there should be no reason why you don’t have it downloaded. If you’re worried about Stumble Guys taking up too much space, don’t. Stumble Guys only requires up to 595.4 MB.So there is absolutely no excuse on why you shouldn’t have it downloaded.

Do enjoy receiving free items. I certainly do. Unlike other games where you are required to spend your money to earn better skins or rewards. Stumble provides you with a Free Daily spin. This means you get to spin a wheel with some prizes such as free skins, gems, or Stumble tokens.No matter what you get you should be satisfied. If for some reason you are not you still get 4 other spins but you must watch a 30-second or less ad to earn the reward. And if that is not enough Stumble Guys does have a battle pass which you can buy for 1200 gems. This includes skins, gems, emotes, stumble coins all that good stuff. There is also an item shop that has lots of good offers daily like the Starter Pack which includes 1400 gems, 1 free spin, and removes ads. For only 3.99.

Playing by yourself can sometimes get boring. This is why Stumble Guys has the option to play with your friends. Up to 32 people in one game, which slowly decreases from 32 players to 16 players to the final 8 best players. After the final 8, the winner is crowned. So if you ever feel like competing against your friends you can simply create a Party. Send the game code to your friends and let to games begin. The games are not difficult or so they seem. Most games are a race to the finish line with different maps and obstacles in your way. If you somehow manage to qualify through that, meaning that you were one of the first 16 to make it to the finish line. You advance to the next round. But they’re also some survival games where you must be one of many to survive to qualify for the next round. The survival games are very fun and difficult with different maps and obstacles being put to make you lose. If you also somehow survive, meaning that you were one of 8 players to survive you be in the final round. The final round consists of players who also qualified through each round. So you know you are playing with the best of the best. If you manage to win the final which either be a survival game or a race.Congratulation you have won 35 stars, 3000xp, 30 trophies, and a crown. But overall you have beat everyone in the game. Like I said it is so simple yet so fun.

These are reasons why Highly recommend why you should download Stumble Guys. Or at least give it a try. Get a group of friends to download it and see how you enjoy the friendly competitions between you and your friends. While also having free daily spins, and being able to play with friends, and after all, it is free so you lose absolutely nothing in downloading it. This is why I highly recommend you download Stumble Guys Today.

Diego Ortiz

Chicago Hope Academy – DMSF Class of 2026

Image courtesy of Google Creative Commons