Arizona: Slaughterhouse Canyon.

I will be debunking the mysterious Slaughterhouse Canyon in Arizona. So you may think there is an actual slaughterhouse in a canyon in Arizona. I thought so too but there is not a slaughterhouse. This is an actual place where people believe is haunted and that they’ve heard noises. You may visit if you want to test that theory. There’s a story behind everything, all urban legends. So this one also has one. It was a story in the tale of a 19th century gold miner, who has failed to come home to his family. Without him getting money, he couldn’t buy food. The mother couldn’t buy food for her and her children and they began to starve without the food. The mother got tired of hearing the crying of her starving children, so she killed them. As they say, she killed them by chopping them up into pieces and throwing them into a nearby river, and then she killed herself. People say they still hear her crying in the canyons, the echos. This urban legend is fake because although many people have been there to “experience” these tragic incidents, nobody has actual footage or any evidence at all. If you visited the area to see if these comments about the place are real then why not record? Why not actually show the word how it’s real? You should also consider how it’s not real because if it was, it would have more reports and people would have reported dead bodies or skulls from how long the victim’s body was left there. Yet nobody had reported anything like that. You should also research this urban legend and see if you see any type of reports about that. The legend may have continued because of what other people said. Just because one person has visited and said they’ve heard noises, maybe another person visited the area to say the same thing to seem cool or make the place seem very scary. It’s not real. If you take note of how long it takes for an echo to go away(maybe 3 days or less), you know echos do not travel for years. You can also look this information up if you want more about echos. No echo can travel that long, because that would really be a long time for an echo to travel. From the 19th century. You can’t just take words from other people and believe it, especially if it is an urban legend. Besides history things, or school things, you can believe it because it may have many types of comments on it that would have evidence to it if you look it up. That’s besides the point though. You shouldn’t believe this legend at all. It’s just to scare people and it may have even scared you. If there’s no video of how this is real or anything then don’t believe it. It’s not worth believing something that isn’t true at all. This type of information isnt worth being in your brain.

Daniyah Rowe – Christ the King Jesuit – DMSF Class of 2027