How I Wish I knew?

This is Arlett 8 years older than you are currently. I want to remind you that you should keep on going. Don’t let your timid side bring you down, go and accomplish your goals. Learn how to go up to people and talk to them.Though I am still struggling to speak to others, I ask you to do it. Don’t be afraid because you won’t know what good outcomes will arise. At my graduation I did something I thought I’d never do. I talked to people who I was too shy to approach and even took a picture with them on that day. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone will help you grow mentally. I promise it helps a lot. I understand that we have tried to do good in school and it is our main goal, so keep on going. Do not let anyone underestimate you. Don’t let anyone trample all over you. Interact with others and get to know them. Make friends that will last and be yourself! Even when times are tough don’t let your family or yourself down. Make the best of every opportunity, especially those that are once. Respect everyone you encounter and take risks. You are too small to worry about things that will not have a great impact on you. Have fun and enjoy your childhood because it’ll all be gone before you recognize it. Take advantage of all the time you have for yourself and do the craziest things because you enjoy your childhood once. Don’t let anyone step all over your innocence and that you are naive. I hope you are having fun at Epiphany Catholic School where you’re going to encounter and stumble upon meaningful people. I hope you take time slowly because it’s not worth wasting time trying to grow up. You don’t want to be dealing with grown-up problems. You should not be trying to go ahead of your time but enjoy being small. Stay true to your beliefs because people are going to be attempting to stop you from keeping your naiveness. Don’t let other people perceive you as weak and someone they could hurt. Take time every now and then to get rid of the bad reality you may be encountering. There is always a solution. Listen to mom and dad because they know what’s best for you. Avoid letting kids your age intimidate you because they’re literally your same age but trying to act superior. Try your best in everything you do. To finalize, I hope you can take time slowly at a pace in which you may accomplish your many dreams such as going into college such as University of Illinois Chicago and earning degrees you’d like to specialize in like business or even in the medical field. Take advantage of the time you have left to make changes and live through those dreams you once imagined.

Dear future self,

I hope we are in a stable position in our life and that we have accomplished our many dreams and goals. I hope you remember that you wanted to keep a positive outlook of life and of what it had to offer. Keep working on maintaining good health and good results in school. Keep working hard and keep your mindset in a bright state. Look at the world in a calm way and don’t waste time overthinking. Don’t let pressure stop you or the judgements of others. Be kind and respectful of everyone and take with you all your values and morals. Remind yourself to take life slowly and not all at once. Appreciate what you have and every little moment or person present because it’s not coming back. Don’t let the thinking of others affect yours. Keep peace everywhere you go and make friends not enemies. Make sure you visit your family as often and never stop thanking them for their countless sacrifices. Don’t go ahead of time and wait for things to come to you. Not everything you desire is truly meant for you. Don’t look back at past mistakes but at the possible solutions in the future. Though something may feel difficult, take the risk. Does not matter if people call you weak but if you need time take it. Accept advice or feedback because you will never know when it will be necessary. Help those who need help and ask for help when you need it. Keep close connection to your sisters that have stuck with you. Even though you have gone through a lot you should keep your head up high and overcome any obstacle in your way. Keep your faith in God because he is the one that helped you get where you are, go above and beyond; don’t be setting yourself to limits you know you are able to exceed. If you want to go and study for two careers, then do it. If you fail don’t look at yourself in a negative way but instead in a way to grow and improve in. You are able to do anything and even do as you imagine. Remember to never abandon your inner child. Use your conscience everywhere you go to not commit any regrets. Avoid the fear of interactions with anyone, instead be welcoming with everyone. Remember to take some time off for your well being and for your health. Stay close to those whom you grew up with and try to connect those who you have not talked to for so long. Lastly, don’t mind the negatives you’ve received but use those things to change and become someone of positive changes. As I finish up I want you to keep in consideration that you are doing great and no one should stop you. Don’t worry or stress too much. Have fun and enjoy life because it’s way too short.

Arlett Hernandez – Nazareth Academy – DMSF Class of 2027

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