If You Only Knew, About Horses

Building trust is the hardest to make but easiest to break but when you create a bond with a horse it is unbreakable.

But still, why don’t people talk about horses? Unlike other animals, horses are socially intelligent and could read your emotions. Horses are the most loyal and show companionship with one another and humans. Horses are misunderstood and mistreated just because of their appearance.

Horses are socially intelligent, and because of this, they can read your emotions and how you feel. So if you are ever sad or angry near a horse they will act sad or angry because of you. You may be wondering how are horses socially intelligent, well they learn quickly and adapt easily to their surroundings. Horses know when there is danger in the area and warn you and other horses. An example of that is that some horses sleep standing up in their pack and the others lay down and they alternate between each other. The reason they do this is because it helps them escape from attacks or any predators protecting themselves.

Horses are the most loyal and show companionship with one another and people. I used to have a horse that my uncle took care of and I created a bond that I could never replace. Many more people have had this connection with horses. Horses show companionship by being there for you and if you owned a horse before being able to communicate in your way and know if you’re in a bad mood or sad. I remember when my horse was with me she understood me and I understood her. It was those where I felt a connection. Ever since I had a bond and decided to learn more and here I am talking about it.

Horses are misunderstood and feared just because of their big and tall appearance. The reality is that they are kind-hearted creatures. But even if you tell people that, they still think there are horrible and crazy creatures. The thing is people’s past experiences or just stories of horses shape what they think about them. Even if they have never had an interaction with horses, people get intimidated by them. Not only are they misunderstood but they are mistreated because of how people overtrain and drug or use a ton of medicine for a horse to be able to compete and not feel pain. This injured them more than they already are and affected them in the long run. People do not talk about this and someone needs to talk about it. Horses are amazing creatures that do not deserve the mistreatment people give them.

I Hope you learned about horses, and how they could read your emotions and are aware of their surroundings making them socially intelligent. They are loyal and show companionship with each other and humans. Horses need to be talked about because they are misunderstood just because of their big appearance and mistreated by being overtrained and being put on too much medicine.

Alexa Larez – Lane Tech College Prep – DMSF Class of 2027

Image by Lynn Greyling from Pixabay