More than a game

I’ve been playing Soccer since I was three years old. A good target for this passion argument would be a professional soccer player. My favorite soccer player would be Cristiano Ronaldo. He is my favorite soccer player because he has proved to me that hard work beats talent. Cristiano Ronaldo grew up in the slumps. His only outlet to escape his alcoholic father and abusive life was soccer. Soccer is more than a sport. Soccer gives people hope and helps humans, like Cristiano Ronaldo.He inspired me from a young age to keep on pushing even if you have something wrong in your body.

Soccer is way more than just kicking a ball because, I believe it’s way more than that. Soccer I believe is about the passion for the sport. For example, for the world cup many people from the same country come out and show their passion for their country. The world cup occurs every four years but, When it does, it’s the biggest competition and celebration in sports with 1.5 billion viewers. Each and every country’s supporters show what real passion means the moment their country wins tears of joy and raising their flags mean alot to them.

There are over 250 million people in 200 countries that play the beautiful sport of soccer. Soccer has way more competition events such as the Champions league, Euros, and each league has their own trophy, Unlike Futbol, baseball,and basketball where all teams are aiming for one trophy why not have many in one year. I believe more competition events means more chances you’ll win, Of course you’re not gonna win all but you’ll learn from those losses, You’ll have more chances to prove yourself. These opportunities give you more viewers from around the world to see what you’re really capable of. I feel like what a coach looks for in a soccer player is leadership and a player who reads the field. Having the ability to perform well in soccer is a gift many others don’t have the confidence to do. Speaking of confidence, You really need confidence and motivation to want to keep pushing yourself and continue to want to be better. Your needs before you start playing Soccer, Get to know the sport by watching games and studying players. What would also help you would be to pick a player and study his tactics and moves.

The benefits of this sport are it increases flexibility, Endurance, and physical/mental strength. How are you going to last a game without any endurance or strength? That’s why you should get prepared by doing those things. My life has changed for the better because soccer has proved to me that you’re not always going to win, but by losing it increases your confidence for the next game.

My passion for Soccer is unstoppable and there is never going to be a time when I turn down Soccer, Unless an injury occurs and I can’t play anymore. I already shared the physical benefits of this sport but, there are community and teamwork benefits. In a game of soccer you’re not going to win a game by yourself, you need the whole team to be locked in. Communication is vital to the sport of soccer. In conclusion, soccer is more than just a game, more than just people “kicking a ball around mindlessly.” Soccer, for me and many others, is more than just passion, commitment and determination. Soccer is a lifestyle.

Miguel Huerta – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027