Reach The Finish Line

It’s always important to try new things isn’t it? This is why I’m trying to convince you to play sports. Playing sports has so many benefits and advantages. Some of those advantages are that you can become healthier, meet new friends, learn new lessons and de-stress yourself. As someone who has loved to play sports, especially soccer, I have lived through these benefits and have benefited from playing first hand. They work wonders and are amazing to everyone who takes advantage of them. I have a few reasons why you should try playing sports.  

Ever since I started playing soccer about a year and a half ago I have become healthier as a person. This includes me losing weight and just feeling better in general. Playing sports helps you get into shape and feel better about yourself. Sports also help to improve your brain health, reduce risk of disease, strengthen your bones and muscles and help improve your ability to do more physical activities.

I have met wonderful people while playing who have taught me very important life lessons that I use very often and will continue using. Some of those lessons are that you should never give up, you should always try your hardest because you never know who is watching you, and that working as a team can be the best solution and better than working alone. These all relate not only to soccer but to various parts of our daily lives. These people that I have met while playing soccer have changed my life for the better not only while playing sports but they became my friends who made me happier outside of playing sports as well. 

Also while playing soccer my mental health has improved a lot. I used to be nervous a lot but after I started playing soccer I tend to focus on soccer when I start to get nervous or anxious and it has a tendency to calm me down. Soccer has really helped me heal and find my inner peace. It is a relaxing place to go to after a long day or a stressful day. Also playing sports is known to enhance your mood and self esteem. Since soccer is a team sport it forces you to be involved with other people and that can help reduce the feeling of being isolated and lonely. According to google “People who play sports and exercise are 25% less likely to develop an anxiety disorder over the next 5 years.” This shows how sports can help you advance mentally.

When playing soccer it is a team sport and you learn many new things including dedication, grit, leadership, accountability, and accuracy. If someone on a team does not have these traits they can bring down the team since it is a team sport. These all come into play when you are working hard on the field, but they are also amazing traits that you can use later in life and not only on soccer. Soccer isn’t just about kicking a ball and scoring but about so much more and working as a team to succeed. 

While playing soccer I realized that it has brought up my confidence and self esteem a lot. I have not only felt better about my body but about myself as a person. Playing soccer has helped me grow new traits that I use on and off the field. It has also shown me that being yourself is the best version of you and you need to work hard everyday if you want to improve yourself. Practice makes perfect is something that has helped me become better and grow as a person and as a soccer player.

This is why I think that you should try to play sports and involve yourself for the benefit of you. Sports are tough and could be a little scary but in the end it is a huge benefit that can help you succeed in life greatly. Becoming healthier, meeting new friends, learning new lessons and de-stressing yourself are just some of many reasons why you should try out for a sport. Sports are an amazing thing and everyone should try and play a sport at least once in their lifetime. 

Montserrat Tellez – Whitney M. Young Magnet High School – DMSF Class of 2027