How do I perfect my Makeup Base?

Have you been struggling to make your makeup base look smooth? I once did too and I can help you with that. Well for one, you need to find your correct foundation and concealer shades. If you don’t have that already, you can go to your local Ulta Beauty or Sephora and have a worker color match you.

A good base starts with a good primer for the skin. You have  to know what primer fits your skin type. There’s some for oily skin, some for dry skin, etc. The brand also affects the results. Sometimes the more money you spend, the better quality it is. Once you have your correct shades, you now have to have good sponges and brushes. I personally recommend using beauty blenders(sponges) for your foundation and concealer especially. I say this because usually when using a brush, it leaves stroke marks which does not leave a good look.

When you apply the foundation make sure to blend thoroughly and below your face to create a smooth and unnoticeable transition between your face and neck. Most people don’t blend out their neck causing them to look too bright or too dark. That’s not wanted at all. Now that your foundation is applied evenly distributed, you apply your concealer.

Now with concealer, you apply it in the key spots: Under eyes, chin, upper lip, nose bridge/tip, and your forehead(between your brows). When blending this out use a different sponge to blend. This is because you only want the concealer on the sponge. I recommend you use a tiny beauty blender on your under eyes to really get in the corner and crease. After you blend out your concealer, you’re gonna want to start on your contouring.

With your contour I recommend using a contour stick to use. This is the last step of your base. You apply it on the cheekbones, sides of the nose bridge, above your forehead(optional), and around your jawline(optional). With contouring, I do recommend you to use a brush as it is just easier. Get a harder/ more compacted hair brush to blend out well. You can also apply blush if you want when done with your base. When done blending out the contour, you have finally completed your base! You should have a well blended face now.

Harmony Green – Kenwood Academy – DMSF Class of 2027