How To Be A Good Student

This is going to help students who have bad behavior or students who think they aren’t good students. I am sure we have all thought that we weren’t good students before, but we know deep down we are or we can be. If you think you aren’t a good student and your mindset is “I can be a good student” then you need some tips. This is completely normal, we all have phases that we go through and this can be one of them. Being a good student might not come easy to people. 

One tip is to set goals for yourself. Setting goals for yourself gives you long-term and short-term motivation for yourself. It helps with your behavior and it guides your focus. Goals give you direction to where you need to be and how you need to do specific things. Goal setting helps you identify what’s important to you. For example it shows you the biggest and most important details in a situation you’re in. Goal setting allows you to have time management and self control. 

Another tip is to adopt a study schedule. Adopting a study schedule lets you know what and when you are going to study. It saves a lot of time in making decisions and allows you to backtrack your steps to get necessary materials. Creating a study plan allows you to see how you spend your time. It also ensures that you are setting aside enough time outside of class to complete homework assignments, study for tests, and review and retain the information you are learning.

The last tip is to always be respectful. It is crucial to do this because it creates a safe and inclusive classroom, or society, that makes everyone feel welcome. This will also boost the teacher’s effectiveness and encourage active and appropriate participation in classroom activities. Positive, supportive, and respectful relationships between teachers and students even increase students’ odds of long-term academic and social success. The lack of respect can cause harassment, unfairness, or even a lack of equal opportunity for employees at every level. Disrespect makes us feel small. This definitely takes a toll on our mental health and self – esteem. Kids who show respect and are shown respect feel safe around their peers and their teacher. Don’t yell or talk over others. Listen to others even when they disagree. Don’t try to control others. Be respectful to everyone; it doesn’t matter shape, weight, color, or size, be kind.

This has even helped me as a student. I have always been the quiet and shy student in class. I hardly ever raise my hand but I have been respectful and set goals for myself. In 7th grade I had this big essay that was due in a month. I thought I was never going to get it done. I had so much time but never built a schedule around my assignment. So around the 6th day of getting the assignment, I built a schedule for myself to follow. I ended up finishing early and got to revise all the words that sounded weird or didn’t flow with my other paragraphs. I got an A + on my assignment and ended the school year with all A’s. These tips do help and are not just tasks for you to do.

I want to leave you with one final thought, you do not have to be a good student at the start of the year to end as one. The temptations will come and go. Always pick the good one and you will be ok I promise. Even if you pick the bad one a couple times; don’t discourage yourself over it. You pick your head up and make the right choices from now on. This advice will help you through your years of middle school, highschool, college, medical school, law school, olympics, and anything else you do it will come back to you and help you out. You just have to put these tips in your head and keep them in there. Complementing your peers, or giving them this advice makes you respectful. This not only helps you but helps others too. 

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort.” – Jillian Michaels

Lia Lazo – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027