Dear myself

There are many things I would like to tell you.  But one of the most important things that I would tell you that is super important would be that you  should not leave my work at the last minute because it then piles up.  And you know that you are not good at checking your work after the due date.  Do remember 8th grade you were leaving all your work last minute and almost failing and going to summer school.   Another thing that I wish you knew before would be soccer.   You should have taken it more seriously because now you really want to play iot and be the best player right now and you know it has always been your passion and keep being focused on it. You probably didn’t care to get in the 8th grade team and you did not get in but know in highschool it is your time to prove that all your hard work is going to pay off i know that.

U start to practice iced seeing that you have noticed and been locked in.   Overtime we jump closer to the present. I have seen so much improvement.  You  were really excited because you  saw that hard work really pays off at the end and you  could see proof right in front of you .I know that there is more to come and in the present I’m about to try out so I hope it shows what we have been through.  If we  get in, you  would really see that there is so much that you can do in so little time. It is all about how you do it or how often you keep working.

School has been better and you  have been better with how you  have been handling my work. You  have been doing it as soon as possible because you  have sports on the way.I know how it is right now that it feels that you want to work on soccer more but always remember there has to be a balance to everything in life .   So you  have been  working on the hardest or longest homework first because then you  feel that you  have less at the end of the day. You  can chill and watch movies and play video games.  More than that would be easier for you .  But you  should .   you have  to pay attention to the little things because they matter more than they appear at first.  If you  had done that, you  know by now it would be super easy. It would be something that you  do not have to think about and you  would just do it.

In conclusion those are the main things that you  could do a few months back.  I believe that that would have put us  in a better place than we are.  Even though you  know that I am happy where we are and I was meant to be there.  Know you  will use new things that you have been told by me know take it a step a time don’t for it it will happen for a reason.

Alexander Chilel – DePaul College Prep – DMSF Class of 2027