So Does It Exist Or Not?

There is a recurring theory across the entire internet that the popularized extinct shark, the  “Megalodon” still exists today and, I am writing this article to give evidence that debunks this theory.

The overall theory is that the Megalodon is hiding in between the Abyssal zone and possibly the Hadal zone. This piece of speculation is limited to only semi-realism due to sharks having no bones, but cartilage structures which are better in high pressure but, most deep sea sharks live in the midnight zone, even if you disregard that, we should have found a body by now or they would have died from the lack of food down in the depths, even a more recent pair of jaws could make this more believable.

2nd point that’s pretty popular now is, that they evolved to grow smaller and eat less food, this was a rebuttal I saw on a couple of videos that I looked at and all the same the points they make are all null due to the simple fact, it wouldn’t be a Megalodon if it evolved over all this time, it would be a new species and there has been no proof that happening, if anything they are more related to an ancestor of Mako Sharks and they live in the upper zones of the ocean. 

And finally, the last point in addressing is for the “Sightings”, disregarding all the fake ones on the internet, when a person sights a really big-fin or a big silhouette in the water usually they assume its a Megalodon in most cases but chances are it’s a Basking Shark or Whale Shark who usually roams closer to the surface of the water. In any case, we have no current sensible proof of the Megalodon but that doesn’t stop us from finding other unique and giant creatures, like the recent Big Fin Squid, etc. I feel like we shouldn’t be dwelling on what we have discovered, but start looking at things that are recent and new, and that is my whole argument. If you have any points that you wish to make with evidence and speculation that makes somewhat sense, please speak your mind.

Rasean Fenner – Chicago Hope Academy – DMSF Class of 2027