Somebody Special to Me

I chose to write this speech/tribute for my best friend, Mireya Lozano. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to show how grateful I am to her for always being there for me and for bringing out the best of me. Mireya is such a kind, compassionate, and overall good friend, but she’s my best friend and the only one I could ever ask for.  I hope this tribute helps her realize how big of an impact she has left on me and I’m sure others as well. And also show her how loved she is and how many things she’s accomplished at this age. She deserves to feel appreciated for being such a bright person in all of our lives! I hope that when she finally hears this it brings her joy.

I reminisce over all our memories from the past from when we would hang out 24/7 as young children. We grew up together in our grandma’s daycare and we’ve been close friends since forever.  When we were little,  we would always swap clothes when it was time to go so that one of us could go as the other. I remember all the times when Grandma, Yarina, Mireya, and I would go to Portillos together every night, it was a tradition. I miss sleeping over every weekend when I was late or hanging out all the time at the park. Therefore, she’s been one of the best people in my life since we were little. 

Mireya is the definition of a beautiful human, she radiates positivity and sunshine every time I see her. Sometimes it’s just enough to be in each other’s presence when we hangout. We both just sit there, not saying a word but just recollecting our thoughts and hanging out. Everything about her is perfect, I could stare at her for hours and I know nobody’s perfect but to me, she is. Her  beautiful &  creative soul has blown us all away. Off topic but her curly hair in the sunlight and the sun shining on her eyes is so beautiful. On the outside she’s so gorgeous and on the inside she has such a kind heart.

She is so kind and good to everyone around her. Her gifts are always so thoughtful. She is so organized and one of my favorite things about her is she really takes care of herself. Mireya’s the most beautiful person in my life, I hope she’s happy when I present this to her on her birthday coming up this October 20. I hope one day Bandit and Choco (our dogs) can get along and they can become friends.  This is being written while Mireya is in Panama so I hope she’s having a wonderful time right now. She makes me ecstatic and I love having her as my closest friend. She is an amazing person and I know that because I always feel calm and happy around her, she never fails to make me laugh. She keeps me in check with reality, she keeps me balanced with her and I appreciate it a lot.

Since it’s your birthday I thought you should know how important you are to every single one of us. I’m so proud of you for all your accomplishments and for graduating from Lane Tech College Prep this year. We cherish you so much because you are worth so much and you mean so much to me.. You deserve the world. Happy birthday Mireya.

Angelina Lopez – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027