The Blooming of her Spirit Animal

I would like to pay tribute to my special person, Ms. Yasenia . Ms.Yasenia was my spiritual teacher for 5 years at my after-school.

Let’s go back in time to go see what actually makes her so special to me. It was my 1st grade year, I was the new , shy, student who cried a lot. I did this for about 1 or 2 weeks straight, just staying in the corner to myself not wanting to be bothered. One day in my after school program when Ms. Yasenia scoped me in the corner of the classroom crying. At the time I didn’t know much about Jesus until she took me to read the bible. I read about how Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus but Jesus still loved him. No matter what Jesus will love you and forgive you no matter how bad it is. After that I believe that no matter what Jesus will always have my back and when I don’t feel confident I can count him. After that I became more social and started making friends. In 2nd or 3rd grade she invited me to go to camp, I accepted the invitation.

One of the days I was out there, there was a talent show happening. Like usually I don’t like speaking in front of people because it’s going to be all eyes on me and that makes me nervous. I asked to just sit out but they said that everyone has to participate. They told me that I can go up there with a friend if I am nervous so one of my friends asked to go up there to sing. I know I don’t know how to sing but I did it anyway to make my friend happy and to participate . When I got up there, on top of the stage, I was nervous until I saw Ms. Yasenia in the crowd cheering me on. I know that she won’t be there everytime I’m nervous but I can count on what she taught me.

Ms.Yasenia deserves to be honored because of how big of an impact she made on me. She’s caring, trustworthy, understanding,honest, special, inspirational, and considerate. She possesses a unique ability to touch the lives of others like me, imparting wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. She often becomes beacons of hope and catalysts for change, fueling movements, activism, and progress. Her profound influence has the power to shape culture, redefine societal norms, and leave a lasting legacy. A life lesson she taught me was each individual possesses a unique set of talents and abilities that, when nurtured and explored, can blossom into something truly exceptional. By cultivating self-awareness, embracing personal growth, and tapping into our inner potential, we have the power to become catalysts for change and sources of inspiration for others.

Chakola Bridgmon – Culver Academies – DMSF Class of 2027