The Little Green Alien MIGHT Be Real

Do you believe in aliens/ extraterrestrial beings ? Do you need evidence and facts to help you in arguments with family, friends?  I am glad you said yes because that means that this blog is for you.Well today I will be going over the most believed reasons on why so many people think that the little green alien could exist and their debunked stories.

First of all, you might think that these so-called aliens could be living on a different planet or galaxy.Well the most famous and believed reason is that exactly, people believe that aliens exist in a different planet or galaxy that we have still not  discovered and we have no research on. The most talked about planet is Mars because it is the most recent planet we have thought of other life existing  there. The debunk to this reason is that most planets, including Mars, have unlively conditions for any organism to exist or live on. Like for Mars its unlivable conditions are its temperature that could reach a deadly -225 degrees fahrenheit (VERY COLD).The average everyday temperature on Mars is -80 degrees fahrenheit. Other deadly and unlivable conditions is that Mars has toxic soils meaning no plants no plants means no growing food or clean air. Another unlivable condition is that Mars has no water and water being one of the main things to keep organisms alive. And if Mars has all these missing components that we need there are probably many other plants like this with conditions like Mars.

The next reason why you may believe that aliens are real is the Area 51 theory.  Back in 2019 people started going crazy about Area 51 ( a military base) . They believed that the government was hiding or capturing aliens in Area 51 away from the public. And when people tried to enter, the government did not let them. The debunk to this theory is that since 1955 when it was made and founded the government started weapon development and the making of aircrafts for war. Some examples could be the U-2 spy plane,A-12,F-117 nighthawk. On another note people questioned, why did they not let the public see or enter? The obvious answer being because it’s the government, but to go more in depth it’s because they also tested bombs. Due to the bomb testing, there are big chunks of atomic energy,radiation, and chemical/substances that are deadly to humans which is why they don’t let the public enter. So in short, the government didn’t let people in for safety reasons because of all the bombs they tested there creating a toxic environment for humans. As for the theory of alien activity in or around there, it could’ve just been the government testing something new.Also the fact that people that lived around Area 51 started to see weird things like strange light in the sky around the base.

Talking about lights in the sky, people also believe in aliens because when they themselves see strange looking lights in the sky that just turn off or flicker, they right away think of aliens and UFOs. Well the debunk to this theory is that it could just be a big company like NASA or Space X  sending satellites into space for their research or to boost connection speed and as they go up, they usually have blinking lights. Another explanation could be that a falling meteor or exploding star could be flying across earth and while it’s doing that it’s doing a showcase of lights and colors. A similar example, it could also be rocks coming from space and having their own energy. When the rocks come too close to earth, the earth’s magnetic force affects the rock and in doing so it makes it change color in the sky. Another reason why people believe in aliens is that in July of 1947, when the Roswell army airfield caught a strange UFO looking disc. But later, come to find out that it was actually just a weather balloon.Finally, people believe in aliens because of what they see on social media like videos of a want to be an alien talking. It could really just be a really good makeup artist that transforms someone to look like an alien and just change your voice.

In conclusion these are all the main reasons why people think aliens are real and they debunk stories. Lights in the sky could really just be satellites to help us with research and connection. Could also be rocks getting too close to earth which is why they change colors. Aliens could be on different planets. But most planets like Mars ,almost nothing can live on those planets because of the conditions they have. Videos and pictures you see on the media could really just be a photoshopped picture or a balloon in the sky.

Alan Dominguez – Cristo Rey Jesuit High School – DMSF Class of 2027