The Reflection Of The Dust I Left In My Past…

As I entered middle school, I went through a lot of changes whether it be the hormonal changes, or the changes of my personality. Either way everything that was around me changed from my perspective. But I would have to admit… Actually I have a question for you (mini) me. How’s life? Are you still friends with the same people? Why are you still committed to being in their lives? How are you doing mentally? Cause I know it’s a roller coaster back there and I know there’s a lot of drama too.

Letter To My Younger Self…

I want you to know that it is ok and I mean it totally ok to let those fake friends go. You personally know who the real ones are and keeping those fake friends is doing nothing but bring you into drama and that’s really not healthy for your mental health. All the drama that keeps coming up about unnecessary things, you don’t need to be in. Start to mature earlier than everyone else because in the long run it’ll give you benefits as an individual and it’ll also help better the way to handle certain situations.

If I’m truly being honest with you… You really don’t need anybody but yourself and your support system which you already know it’s your family and your best friend. All you need to do while in middle school is focus on yourself and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. I am proud of you though for all the amazing grades, test scores, and all the awards you’ve gotten. Also note that being on the phone is not your top priority. Take some time to yourself and reflect. Do some self care. Check in with yourself. Thinking that you need to be on the phone all day will take away from your mental health and take away from caring about yourself and what’s going on with you.

Another note as well you don’t need to always say everything that comes to your mind. Sometimes and most times, you need to just keep what you have to say to yourself because at times, what you want to say isn’t going to help you at all. Also in those serious conversations, be careful of what you say especially if it’s with the real friends you have.  Also we both know that you give good advice to your loved ones and friends because they consider you as the therapist. But little do you know that you can actually take that advice as well. Besides being a people’s pleaser, don’t forget about your own feelings and you can actually benefit from your advice. Tying into watching what you say, I’ll give an example of the time when you acted out of anger and said things that you know you didn’t mean. The outcome… That friend was lost. So please keep that in mind.

I know you’re a perfectionist and all but know that mistakes are fine. Don’t over stress about them because they shape you as you get older in age. Also work on overthinking because during hard times, it doesn’t help to overthink all it does is basically make things worse. I also understand that it’s going to take time to be able to stop overthinking or it’ll still be a trait that you carry because of the simple fact that you can’t get rid of everything.

I gave you this information because it’ll benefit you in the future. Take it in and start making these changes and put them into effect because you create your future.

Isaiah Logan – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027

Image by from Pixabay