The Truth of John F Kennedy Death

John F Kennedy was the thirty- fifth president of the United States of America that served his term from 1961- 1963. What stopped him from serving his full term was the fact he was assassinated. The question is who did it and was it a one man’s job? Both the FBI and I believe the truth that Lee Harvey Oswald did it on his own and was capable of doing it on his own. Although the rest of America believes John F Kennedy had a planned death by the CIA, the mafia, Lyndon B Johnson, Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, and the KGB. Many people believe that the Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro was involved in John F Kennedy’s death, because the CIA attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro. So to get them back the media thinks that he would want to kill the face and leader of America. Even though in an interview Castro stated that doing that would be a great risk to do towards America. Another theory was Lyndon B Johnson killed John F Kennedy because he wanted to become president. America believes this because Lyndon B Johnson was two cars behind John F Kennedy but was left unharmed.

The crime scene was connected to Lee Harvey Oswald. The weapon Lee Harvey Oswald used was a rifle in which he owned. The rifle that was used has his DNA on it. John F Kennedy bullets came from the southeast corner of the Texas School Book Depository building from the sixth floor window. Lee Harvey Oswald had the ability to go there and so he was present there and there is evidence to prove his attendance too.

Lee Harvey Oswald was no saint himself. His adolescence years are to be described as horrifying. His father died before he was born. Then his mother sends him to an orphanage at the age of four. Then when he was 12 years old he and his mother moved to New York. Where she works at a dress shop, and is never home. Lee is then left alone and explores the city. He was enrolled in a school, but didn’t go for two months. He was later placed in a juvenile detention center at the ripe age of twelve for truancy. Where he was evaluated by a psychiatrist as emotionally disturbed due to a rough family life.

When Lee Harvey Oswald got older he was a Marxist and a Communist. Marxist is a belief in social, economic and political philosophy that analyzes the impact of the ruling class on the laborers, leading to uneven distribution of wealth and privileges in the society. It stimulates the workers to protest the injustice. A communist is a person who supports or believes in the principles of communism. His beliefs went against the whole government. This was the motive of Lee Oswald killing the face of the government and country. 

This wasn’t Lee Oswald’s first murder attempt either. He attempted to kill a former U.S Army General Edwin Walker.He too also played a role in the government.On April 10, 1963, just about seven months Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to murder the president. He fired a bullet behind a fence that missed Edwin Walker by a hair. This makes him guilty and shows that he has the capability of murdering someone.

At the end of the day the truth is Lee Oswald murdered JFK. He didn’t have any accomplices. He was just a person with a motive to get the job done and in which he did.

Hadja Barry – Latin School of Chicago – DMSF Class of 2027