The worse years of my life

I know you are scared to start middle school and trust me, you should be. Middle school is nothing like you imagined. It’s so much worse than what you thought. The problems you’ll have are impossible to avoid or at least some of them are. I’m not here to tell you how to avoid these problems cause what’s the point? They already happened. I’m simply here to tell you how you couldve reacted to these problems. It may not be the best advice but trust when you go through ALL that, you will see why I told you this. These next two years will be the worse years of your life and you might as well be prepared.

1. Don’t worry too much about your teachers/classes. 

Trust me, your 7th grade year you will have one of your favorite teachers of all time. She will help you through everything. Your other teachers are pretty amazing as well. This is the same thing for your 8th year. Just try your best in your classes and you will move forward. You’ll land in humanties and physics 8th grade year (you’ll hate it.) but it will help you in so many ways. Thanks to that class you’ll be able to receive AP classes and of course, graduate with honors. Which of course, will make your mom proud. Thanks to this hard work you will also land a scholarship and go to a private school. again, you’ll dislike it but at least it’s a good school that’ll probably get you into a good college as well. Besides all your friends and family can brag about their friend being in a private school. 

2. Enjoy the time you have with your friends. 

Now, I’m not going to tell you exactly what happened because for one, I’ll have to write so much to explain everything and I like to say that it’s apart of your character development BUT!!! What I can tell you is to obviously enjoy the time you have with all your friends right now. Now, a lot is going to happen within the next two years and you absolutely will regret not enjoying every moment you had with them to the fullest. Hang out with them more, take more pictures, talk to them often. They are truly amazing people! Show them you love and care for them and make sure they are okay. It’ll help you in the long run.

3. You will change A LOT. It’s okay tho. 

Everyone changes, it’s apart of life. You will change a lot during these next two years and one day someone will tell you – “you’ve changed” in a bad way but I need you to understand that changing yourself is not bad. You’ll be fine, you’ll be happier, healthier, you will be better. Don’t let anyone tell you that your change is bad ever again. They don’t know you and they never will. They are just mad that you aren’t the same person they originally liked and that’s stupid. If they don’t like the new you they don’t deserve the old you. Don’t worry about losing the people who say that. They aren’t worth it and they’ll apologize anyways.

4. Don’t be so mad. Live a little

You will do a lot of things your 7th grade year. Things you’ll never imagine doing. It’s scary and nerve racking even stressful but you don’t have to take that out on everyone. You’ll find a solution. It’ll be fine. Nothing will happen. Just enjoy the time because trust me, you’ll never have the chance to do all that again and you will miss it 100 percent. Besides, the people you hung out with will give the world to you. They don’t deserve all your anger when they didn’t no anything.

5. Detentions and suspensions. (Expulsion included)

I know you normally like to be the “good one” in the class but for these next two years you will be far from it. Don’t worry, it won’t effect you that much in highschool or whatever. I can’t tell you much about this since I can barely remember all the times I been in trouble but know it will happen and you shouldn’t worry about it that much. Just stay calm, be honest, be nice and if all goes wrong, tell your mom. You won’t do anything THAT bad so you shouldn’t have a problem telling her. She’ll get used to it at some point.

6. A.H

A.H there is not enough words in the English language, no, there is not enough words in ANY language to describe him. A.H will be your boyfriend for the next 2 years. Well, almost 2 years. (Broke up a week ago) At this moment in time I would still say that he is the love of my life even though I may be too young to say that. I hope you know that he is a very lovely person. He’ll make you happy and a lot but I mean a lot of stuff is going to happen but remember, in the end, everything will be better. No matter what happens you’ll always love him the same and he’ll always be there for you. You will write letters upon letters about him. Which may seem bad at first or maybe even cringy but it’ll all be fine because it’ll for sure be one of the best pieces of writing you have ever written. Which sounds embarrassing at first but that just means your love for him is so strong you were able to put together at least some words to say it and that’s a hard thing to do sometimes. He will change you in so many ways and ultimately make you a better person. He’ll help you realize a lot of things you never really thought about. Sadly, he’ll most likely never know how much you truly, truly, love and appreciate him. Unless he reads this of course. Be happy when you are with him, love him as much as you can, help him as much as you can. You will regret not loving him to the fullest one day. He deserves it, he’s helped you a lot. I know that may be hard. I mean who am I kidding he’s your first serious relationship but at least try your best. if he’s reading this, there is one thing I have to tell you. I love you. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and you will always have a special place in my heart.

7. Graduation

You are the class of 2023. That’s scary. After you graduate, you won’t feel anything or at least not right away. You won’t be sad like you thought you would be and that’s okay. You don’t need to be sad. Be happy that you finally made it after so many hard years of work and of course get ready for what is beyond. You are going to make your family very proud. Continue to do that. You are going to do great these next two years. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want. In the end, everything will go into place. You’ll be okay. Just enjoy the time you have left. Good luck.

Gloria Garcia Gutierrez – Cristo Rey Jesuit High School – DMSF Class of 2027