To My Mom, My Guiding Light

My mom is my everything. My mom, from the start of my life, has always been there for me. She took many sacrifices so I can thrive and showed me the true meaning of determination and hard work.

My mom’s childhood was full of these characteristics. At the ripe age of 5, my mom was already grazing the field. She was milking, herding, and feeding the cows. Moreover, she was taking care of her little sibling, my uncle, who would just turn one. This was very normal for many farm workers in Ecuador. They were disciplined heavily by their parents and had a monotonous schedule. The only time they can really relax was on Sundays when god deemed it a day to relax. Schoolwork would be like another chore and most overlooked it. Their parents, being very old-fashioned, cared little for education and instead kept children to the farm. This left many, like my mother, with a low education.

As we move forward in the timeline, my mom decided that she wanted to move to the US. When I asked her why, for the purposes of the blog, she told me that her brother was already working here and that life and work here were much better than Ecuadors. She, like many other migrants, was following the American Dream. To reach there; however, you would have to traverse the rocky, heaty, and life-threatening trail to get to the United States. The pilgrimage would last a month and she would have to heavily rely on the cartel who owned these trails. This was a life- or death situation. Get to the US, or die from countless factors. Luckily, my mom managed to cross the border but was in serious debt. When I asked her how much was the debt, she brushed the question off and told me not to worry. 

Keep in mind my mom was only 16 and had no connection besides her brother. Luckily she found a workplace that was willing to accept her and settled into an apartment. Then she had me, at eighteen years old. The father would then abandon my baby self and my mother. This devastated my mom as she would have to take care of me all by herself. Fortunately, her unwavering determination made it possible for me to have a childhood of dreams. She bought me things that I wanted whenever we went to the store and spoiled me. Or at least that’s what I thought. My mom internally was struggling, she worked two jobs and had a break only on Wednesdays. Most of my childhood was spent around my cousins whose parents were also working and the eldest cousin will be taking care of me.

However, despite these challenges, my mom preserved and prospered. She sacrificed many things to come here and get her American Dream. She left her mother and entered the alien territory. But through her hard work, she was able to navigate these obstacles.

Mom, I love you with the deepest sincerity. You have been my guiding light. Mom, I wouldn’t have anyone else replace you. Mom, this is why, when I grow up I wish to get accepted into the top colleges and then have a high-paying job so I can retire you. When I am rich, mother, you would have to work no more as I would be the one taking care of your finances mom so you can rest. Mom, Thank You.

Brian Urgilez – Westinghouse College Prep – DMSF Class of 2027