YOU NEED TO TRY WRITING AT HOME BY YOURSELF. I know you didn’t want to click this but writing by yourself can benefit you so by writing can also help you get a job. 73% of employers want candidates with this qualification so this can benefit you in the future. .I believe this should be done because writing has gotten me in many places. Writing has gotten me many things, which include: Scholarships, Money prizes and confidence in writing my own stories or short stories. One of the things writing did for me was win me $500 in a writing competition in 1st grade! This is because I continued to write and committed to finishing this project. Winning this prize has given me confidence to write my own stories without caring about what anyone else says. Scholarships I have won because of writing were: Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund, HFS and many others. These scholarship program has changed my life by helping me with highschool tuition. A book that I am writing is about Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology. This has continued to boost my confidence in myself. Writing has also helped me explore my imagination and boost my creativity. It has helped me create stories in my mind ( no not talking to myself). I love to write because it helps me express my feelings and not always have pent up emotions that may lead to someone being hurt emotionally and physically. Writing can also help with memory function. What that means is it can improve your memory and help you remember important events. This has helped me improve my memory because I wasn’t really the best at remembering things to the fullest and that has always given me a disadvantage.

Did you know that writing can help with your mental health? This was proven to me because when I was in a bad place I’d just write out my feelings into either a small story or to just journal just so I won’t bottle it up all the time. This has helped me not only keep my sanity but also not project all of my feelings on others. Writing can help with deep critical thinking because it can ( like I have learned) It can help you know your audience and to be able to communicate more effectively to larger groups. Writing can also help with stress. You can relieve your stress because you can just write it out instead of it leading you to darker places that you wouldn’t want to be. I have found massive amounts of reassurance because of writing. This is because I don’t feel weird but in my comfort zone. You may be asking, what are the 3 main purposes of writing? Though I assume that you’ve learned this in school already but they are: Persuade, Inform, and to Entertain. My writing falls under the entertainment category because I like to entertain using my wit and imagination. These are important because it’ll help you figure out what genre of the book you are  reading or writing. But in conclusion writing can help in many different but beneficial ways. It can lead you to many, many places because people love creative writing. Remember this writing is just based on your imagination and creativity and you can write about anything and everything and don’t let nobody else tell you different or what to write. This quote is important to me because it relates to me by pushing me to complete everything. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

Yashua Bullock – Mount Carmel High School – DMSF Class of 2027

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay