Embracing Art and Culture – Why Anime Deserves Your Attention

In today’s globalized world, cultural exchange is increasingly becoming the norm, with the lines of language, religion, and even geography being slowly blurred. One of the most vibrant and influential creations of this cultural mix has been the art-form of Anime. This blog aims to plunge into the fascinating world of Anime and provide persuasive reasons why everyone should consider watching it.

Anime is not just Japanese cartoons, it’s an immersive art style that originated in Japan. Unlike mainstream western cartoons most of us grew up watching such as “SpongeBob” or “Teen Titan”, Anime has a vast genre spectrum that appeals to all age groups. It showcases stories about life, intricate narratives, mature themes, and deep philosophical concepts, presenting a refreshing storytelling method compared to traditional western media. You have legends like “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” questioning the ethics of scientific advancement and the balance of life, while psychological stimulants like “Death Note” explore the conflicts of good and evil.

The visual aesthetics of Anime is an amazing reason it’s worth watching. Animation studios like “Bones” and “Mappa” use intricate hand drawn frames to produce the fluid scenes shown in shows like the bright fluid animation in one piece in “One Piece” to the adrenaline-rushing action sequences in “Attack on Titan”. Anime is a testament to the boundaries that can be pushed in animation. Every frame in Anime can be a piece of art, frozen moments that show monstrous power or dramatic storytelling.

Anime often receives discreditable opinions due to the fanbase and the way that they decide to express themselves. While I can understand why people assume this stereotypical stigma around watching anime, I believe the shows speak for themselves. You may find it cringey or weird, but there is always a show to categorize your interest. For example if you like action filled serious stories, watch something like “Naruto”, “Dragon Ball” etc. If you want something more down to earth and mystery filled watch something like “Death Note”. All in all, you may have your first opinions from what you hear/see on the outside, but don’t knock it until you try it.

The Anime industry’s willingness to address complex themes and use animation as a tool to explore impactful messaging is remarkable. Another one of my favorites One piece shows topics like Racism, through the enslaved race of fish people who fight to progress themselves, for Poverty through the multiple island the main character Monkey D. Luffy visits those that are under control of corrupt leaders that he liberates, like Alabasta, Zou, Wano, etc. Ideas like this are further shown throughout multiple shows, “Attack on Titan” portrays the idea poverty because while the society had no true answer to the flesh-eating monsters ravaging their towns and homes, they made sure the rich were protect while the poor ended but being the ones ending up on the short end of the stick most of the time.

Moreover, Anime’s remarkable ability to evoke emotion is unparalleled. It subtly captures human emotions and psychological intricacies, making the characters realistic and relatable. You might find yourself laughing with them, crying for them, or getting frustrated at their actions, this is just a testament to the depth of characterization in Anime.

A perfect example of this is on my personal favorites, Attack on Titan. You follow the main character Eren Yeager as he battles adversity, loss, and even betrayal. The complex story allows you to identify key characteristics in characters that help you relate to them. You also are able to watch characters grow as they go through their individual character arcs; like Eren Yeager from a once bratty kid, to a self sacrificial “Hero” for his country.

So why should you watch Anime? Because it’s more than just cartoons. It’s a beautiful blend of art, story-telling, cultural exchange, and emotional exploration. Whether you’re in it for the stunning visuals, the intricate plots, or the complex themes, Anime offers an experience that is deeply rewarding and truly unique. If you enjoy intricate stories and can appreciate different forms of art, I definitely think you should try watching an anime.

Zryan Morgan – Stevenson School – DMSF Class of 2027