Getting Rid of Princess Diana

Diana’s Princess of  Wales death affected many people in her family and around the world. Though millions of people mourned her death…what made it so well-known was not how she died but rather the story behind her death. On August 31st, of 1997 at around 3 am Diana was announced as dead due to a horrific car accident.

She had been in France at the time with her current love interest Dodi Al Fayed. Dodi was the son of Harrods department store owner Mohamed Al Fayed and was a billionaire. Diana and Dodi ( as well as Diana’s bodyguard) were driving around the Ponte de l’Alma tunnel in France at night while being pursued by paparazzi. As a result of trying to escape the paparazzi, the driver, Henri Paul was driving over the speed limit twice as fast. ( they were driving at 59-68 mph in a 31 mph) Because of that the “vehicle slammed into a support column, flipped, and came to a stop in front of ongoing traffic” according to Yahoo. And as seen in many photos the front of the car was completely wrecked. The driver had died instantly along with Dodi as well and the only survivor was Diana’s bodyguard.

However, when paramedics came to the scene minutes after, it was recorded that Diana had still been going in and out of consciousness. At one point she had gained consciousness for a second and then fell back into a coma. Though Diana made it to the hospital alone she was barely surviving…. she had extensive chest injuries, a massive wound on her left lung, and numerous broken bones. Not to mention that she was suffering from excessive internal bleeding as a result of all the injuries. By the time the doctors had tried to save Diana it was too late. Though this was published as the truth and facts about Diana’s death, others along with myself believe that her death was no “accident” but rather a murder.  This car accident was a setup, a planned death for Diana as revenge for her revealing Royal secrets within her personal view of her corrupted and toxic marriage.

Before King Charles had even met Diana there was one person who he had always loved before, during, and after his marriage with Diana. Her name is Camilla Parker Bowles, she and King Charles first met in 1970″ at a polo match at Windsor Great”. They had a lot in common and went out often. But one day in 1971 King Charles and Camilla had to end their relationship as Charles decided to join the Royal Navy. While Charles was in the Navy Camilla went on to move on with her love life and marry Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973.

When Charles came back from his military service he began to date Diana’s older sister Lady Sarah Spencer in 1977. Their relationship did not work out so Sarah thought of introducing Charles to her younger sister Diana. When Dianna and Charles first met, Diana was 16 years old and Charles was 29 at the time. Even though there was a big age gap between the two, Charles never really had much interest in Diana. But his father, Prince Phillip had eagerly forced him to start a relationship with Diana since she was of Royal descent and was at a young age to give birth to an heir and because the Royal Family did not approve of Camilla as a suitable wife because she had a history of ex-boyfriends. But Diana wasn’t sure about marrying him, but she did love him and accepted his proposal. Though that never stopped Charles from loving Camilla even when he married Diana in 1981 as they continued to talk and see one another secretly later on in the marriage.

But Diana had her suspicions about Camilla and Charles’s “friendship”. The reason was because according to, “she discovered a personalized bracelet that Charles had bought for Camilla shortly before the wedding”. Along with numerous rumors and confirmations of Charles sending Camilla jewelry, secretly meeting each other, intimate phone calls, and pictures he kept of Camilla. Some were published in news articles or newspapers which not only led to confirming Diana’s suspicions but led to her depression and stress in the marriage. Even before finding out about the affair Diana had already been struggling with an eating disorder, postpartum depression, and suicide as a result of her toxic marriage and media pressure of having to live this lavishing perfect princess marriage, when in reality it was nothing of a fairytale but rather a mental nightmare.

During a difficult moment in their marriage, Diana felt jealous and neglected by Charles, who put his focus towards Camilla. She kept her feelings private and attempted to harm herself multiple times. Some of which to get his attention. At some point, Diana gave up trying to save her marriage and accepted that he no longer loved her. She began to do interviews to expose the reality of their marriage and expose Charles’ affair with Camilla.

This led to a finalized divorce on August 28th, 1996 in which Camilla had divorced her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowls a year prior on January 11th, 1995. Now after the divorce Diana had then stated in an interview fearing for her life as she believed her husband was planning to kill her and make it seem sane and accident so that he would be able to re-marry due to allegations of him cheating and bringing down his reputation. Along with stating in her journal,  “ This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy” ( her son’s nanny).

Which leads us to believe. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so, I mean think about it. Charles’s reputation had been getting more and more damaged as the public was seeing him as a cheater and unfaithful husband which also affected how the royal family was perceived since the queen held such a high standing in the church. Getting a divorce is the heat on the matter as people wonder what went wrong and beg to question if Charles can be fit for a king. Dianas begins to speak about all the mental problems she faced in the marriage and reveals her personal view and inside information about what it was like being married to royalty. Exposing the pressure and stress of being married to Charles, the fear and pain she dealt with along with the toxicity. Going on to reveal and feed the media and breaking the image of the “fairytale marriage”. Who was supposed to be the future Queen of England had been going on and on exposing and breaking this perfect picture of the royal family? Not to mention how accurately she depicted how her death would be… from how she would die, the injury she may face, and the reason for her death.

Guess what, it all comes into play perfectly. Almost a full year after Dianna and Charles divorced, she dies in a car accident. Coincidently Charles and Camilla then reveal their relationship to the public in 1997. So Diana had not only predicted her death but knew the motive of why she may have been killed, and had also multiple points leading up to prove that she was considered harmful in revealing details; to cripple the family image. Leading us to question, did she die in a car crash or was it just a cover-up to ease the public?

Fatima Abid – Lane Tech College Prep – DMSF Class of 2027