“I i’ll be the moon to your earth”

To my precious friend 

My precious friend as I sit down and write this, my heart bursts with emotions.

Do you know how long I have known you for?

I’ve known you for almost six whole years now. Can you believe that ? I never imagined that we would stay friends for that long. I met you back in the second grade when you came to my class for word study. You were always so shy around new people, never responding when anyone asked you questions, but I didn’t mind as I understood that it was a new situation for you. I wanted to help you during word study so I would always be there for you. Second grade was fun but we hardly spoke to each other. I never thought that we would turn out to be great friends.. I remember the beginning of the new school year. I was excited for the new school year but there was a bit of a problem. My family was in a tight financial situation and we couldn’t afford new supplies. I was left with my old supplies that were worn down or missing. I was embarrassed and worried about what the other kids would say. But the universe conspired in our favor. There you were , sitting next to me , pulling out a brand new pack of crayons. They were still in the package and there must have been about 40 or more. I remember thinking “ Wow, she’s so lucky.” I must have been staring at them b you noticed and smiled kindly at me. That was the moment I gathered the courage I could muster and asked if I could borrow them. You said yes without hesitation and that’s where it all began. After that day we played games during recess and ate lunch together. I still remember how we used to sit under the slides and talk about anything that came to mind whether it be secrets or just random things. It was fun and I never wanted it to end. Even when we were placed in different classrooms I knew we’d still continue to be friends. We watched each other grow up and soon we were each other’s confidante. I’ll never forget how bubbly and vibrant you are. You’re the social butterfly between us two. You’re the person who likes to draw , likes the color pink and hates being alone. After learning that you disliked being alone I made sure to never leave you out because I didn’t want you to feel alone. One thing that stands out about you is your way of showing affection.

Your love language is a physical touch so you’d show it by giving me hugs or giving me handshakes whenever you saw. It was the little things that mattered to me and you always knew how to make me smile. At first I didn’t know how to return the affection as I wasn’t used to it but you never forced it on me, always taking the smaller steps to make sure I was comfortable with it. As we entered out of the grade year I started returning the affection and I remember how you were so happy when I first hugged you back. Remember how there were several types of foods that I hadn’t tried such as brownies or pocky? You were always there to bring something new for me to try. It seems like a small gesture but it meant the world to me. I remember the birthdays and Christmas we celebrated and the kettle gifts we would give each other, big or small. I appreciated them all because it made me feel special especially when I stopped receiving those gifts at home. It made me happy to know someone was thinking about me. I will never be able to express my gratitude towards you. You are someone very dear to me. I hope that you and I can continue to be friends throughout high school.

To my precious friend who made my days better

From your best friend 

Diana Juarez

Diana Juarez – Cristo Rey Jesuit High School – DMSF Class of 2027