I’m SO bored! What should I do?

Have you been bored recently, probably. Do you not know what to do? Then start a hobby. You should start a hobby because like it has helped me, it could also help you. A hobby is certainly something that will help with your physical health, mental health, boredom, etc.


The benefits of a hobby are the enjoyment you gain from it and the different ways that it can help you with socialization. More ways that it can help you would be physical health. When I first started volleyball I wasn’t in the best of shape as an athlete but because of my hobbyI have gotten in better shape over the two years of me playing with jumping, endurence, flexibility, and my ability to build up muscle. Not only has it helped me with my physical health it has also helped me with my mental health, after starting volleyball I was a brighter person on the inside and out prior to starting it I wasn’t doing too well and I was slightly depressed.


To find the hobby is a right fit for you by simply trying new things like sports, jewelry making, reading, journaling, etc. To help you find these hobbies I will give you a couple suggestions on where to find them. Ask a friend; if you have friends that do a hobby that you seek interest in then ask them where and how they started and give it a shot. Another way to start a hobby is by going to different school activities just to see if you like it.

When trying something new don’t just give up after your first time doing it, give it a shot for a day or two to see if you start to enjoy it. When first trying my hobby I truly disliked it and wanted to stop playing. That was just because I wasn’t that good at it, but I had my mom to push me and I continued to play. Thankfully she was there to push me to continue, volleyball has become my favorite thing to do with my time.


My hobby is playing a sport which is volleyball. Volleyball has helped me through a lot of different things such as my mental and physical health. Volleyball has also helped me with my social skills, prior to playing volleyball I was a very shy person and I was not very outgoing at all. Just like how it has helped me in the various ways it could do the same for you. Hobbies are important and having one is an important thing. 

Jordyn Harris – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027