My Hero

Good morning to you all, I put this pen on this paper to write this speech that I will be paying tribute to my mother. Not my biological mother but my grandmother. I’ve never had my mom in my life, she was absent when I was growing up. Why? I don’t know, but hopefully it was an alright reason. But my grandmother was here and gave me the love that I needed and craved.

Meet my grandma, my hero. She showed me how to be a true gentleman and how to care for others. She taught me the value of empathy, kindness, and perseverance. Teaching me the value of these virtues for facing life’s challenges. Her love transcends any blood relation, she has been my anchor and has kept me humble in moments of success. She is the one I can always turn to in times of joy, sorrow, etc. Her love is pure and unconditional, radiating warmth that made me feel safe and cherished. She is a people’s person. My grandma always goes out of her way to make sure others are good. She always takes care of the people around her, for example, whenever anyone in the family is feeling down she always finds a way to make them feel better. She carries the weight of all of our tears and never shy’s from a moment of darkness. She is the light you seek when you’re in a room filled with void. She is your teddy bear when it’s time to sleep and there is thunder. She is my hero.

As I grew older my grandma not only provided maternal love, but also became my guiding light and mentor. She taught me the importance of education, encouraging me to pursue my dreams and aspirations. With her wisdom and life experiences, she imparted invaluable life lessons, preparing me for the world that lay ahead. She has been my rock, offering unwavering support and helping me develop into the person I am today. My grandma loves me like I’m one of her own. She takes care of me, feeds me, takes me to school and practices. Whenever she sees me struggling with my homework she always tries to help me but then usually it’s always the both of us struggling. But whatever problems I’m having outside of school, she makes it clear that I can always go to her when I need someone to talk to.

The bond between my grandmother and me is one that defies conventional definitions. She has been my protector, cheerleader, and confidante. Her love and support has given me the strength to overcome adversity and thrive. Our shared experiences, laughter, and tears have forged a connection that can only be described as unbreakable. Through her, I have learned that a mother’s love is not solely defined by biological ties but by the depth of care and affection she bestows upon her child.

My grandma is my biggest supporter, from screaming for me at my soccer games at the top of her lungs and oftentimes losing her voice the next day, to helping me up when I fall and can’t get up on my own. For that I thank her because I know I have a forever companion on this journey called life. I am forever in my grandma’s debt for everything she’s done for me. 500 words will never begin to be enough for me to express my love and gratitude towards my grandma on this paper. So for that, thank you my hero.

Andrew Martinez – St. Laurence High School – DMSF Class of 2027

Photo by Bethany Park on Unsplash